1602 #5: Part Five; In Which a Treacherous Course is Plotted

1602 #5 sees the capture of Javier and his men. Scotius is posing as a blind man, and is being led around by Jean.

In their holding cell, the rivarly (for Jean’s affections) between Scotius and Werner thickens. Scotius, who is playing cards with Hal and Robert, observes Jean who walks over to Werner by the window and chats with him.

Scotius takes that as a person threat and challenge and goes over to question Werner.

Scotius: “Why do you talk to Master Grey, sir?”
Werner: “I talk to Master Grey because I wish to, sir. I may talk to whom I please.”
Scotius: “Do you wish to fight me, sir?”

Hal quickly breaks up the skirmish.

Meanwhile, Sir Nicholas constructs an escape for Javier and his men aboard a ship. With the help of Scotius’s blasts, Jean uses her telekinesis to launch the ship into the sky.

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