1602 #8: Part Eight; In Which We Discover the Way of the World

The truth of the Scotius/Jean/Werner triangle is revealed in 1602 #8. After escorting Virgina Dare back to her home village in America, Scotius and Werner have a private conversation. Scotius apologises to him.

Scotius: “You see...You did not know Jean was...That is to say, you...you allowed her disguise to fool you...You thought her a man. I...if Jean was anyone’s, she was mine. She would have been mine. And...I thought that you were in love with her. I was jealous of you, and jealous of her...And all that time, you thought her a man. So. I was a fool. A jealous, witless fool. And I...With all my heart, I apologise.”

Werner in return says that he should be the one apologising to Scotius.

Werner: “I was truly deceived, and thought that Jean Grey was a man. But I do believe I was in love with that young man.”

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(Please note that I did not set out to give a summary of 1602. If you want to know the outcome, you can source for other sites purely dedicated to 1602, or check out this limited series comics in 8 parts.)