Indestructible Hulk Special #1: The Arms of the Octopus Pt II: For a Friend Whose Work has Come to Triumph

The Hulk has finished a mission, and puppies are being brought in to calm the Hulk and turn him back into Dr Banner. After recovering from his transformation, he is immediately flown to Empire State University to meet Spiderman. Dr Banner is acquainted with Dr Jude, but can’t believe he is seeing young X-Men. Hank explains that they are the original teenaged X-Men who have time travelled from the past, and they suspect that Doctor Octopus had followed them through. Spiderman is miffed when Dr Banner deems time travel “plausible”. Before they get to work, Dr Banner wonders why they aren’t making use of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s facilities. The X-Men and Spiderman wanted to keep this situation under wraps, each party having their own agenda. Dr Banner agrees to help them, but first, they needed to fix up some old equipment.

Scott, Jean and Bobby are bored out of their minds watching the rest conduct experiments and hypothesise. Molly tries to make small talk with Hank, but can’t find common ground with contemporary culture due to the generation gap.

Suddenly, they are attacked by the Abomination. Dr Banner is beginning to be convinced that the X-Men had “created some sort of temporal anomaly” because the Abomination supposedly died years ago. Seeing how inexperienced the young X-Men are, Dr Banner decides to take charge of the situation and tells Spiderman get the X-Men to safety. Dr Banner transforms into the Hulk and battles the Abomination. Spiderman urges Cyclops to make haste and get to their “time machine” to make sure “nothing else comes through”. Molly slips into a chasm and Hank goes after her. He tells Cyclops to find older Beast to sort everything out.

Spiderman gets them to Dr Banner’s helicopter to get them to the school. Hulk continues to battle the Abomination, only to find out the Abomination is a robot. Hank and Molly discover a secret storage facility under Dr Jude’s lab, and comes to the conclusion that Dr Jude is creating the robots. Hank warns Spiderman about Dr Jude. Knowing his secret is out, Dr Jude explodes the helicopter in mid-flight.

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