X-Men: Millennial Visions 2001

X-Men: Reborn

2006. Apocalypse captures Professor X, enhancing and manipulating his vast mental powers to unlock every potential mutant on the planet. Over 220,000 mutants are triggered into activation and “born” on the same day. And on that day, Professor X dies.

Now, a year later, the most prominent X-Men include:

Phoenix -- Absorbing the powers of Cerebra after an accident, Jean Grey is aware of every mutant’s whereabouts, activities and motives at any given time. Unfortunately and ironically, the accident has left Jean confined to a wheelchair.

Beast -- Still the most calm and competent of the X-Men, Hank McCoy continues to inspire the young mutants of today.

Cyclops -- Strangely disturbed after Jean’s accident and the death of Professor X, Scott becomes distant with the team, often charging into battle foolishly. His deathwish becomes more apparent everyday.

Storm -- Some now call her a terrorist, after she flooded Washington D.C. when the government threatened to establish mandatory mutant embryo testing and abortions.

Gambit and Rogue -- Married, and finally seeing eye-to-eye.

Litterbug -- Recruited from Chicago’s underground Morlock community, Litterbug is able to dig through concrete and crush metal with his claws, but barely able to speak.

Nightcrawler -- Disillusioned with the church after Professor X’s death, Kurt Wagner’s only belief lies in the X-Men.

Iceman and Angel -- Trust between the two friends has vanished since Warren Worthington III allegedly established s new Hellfire Club.

Colossus -- Rumoured dead, Colossus was discovered by Wolverine, imprisoned in a Weapon X stronghold. The giant’s body is now permanently comprised of solid adamantium.

Wolverine -- Recaptured by Weapon X three years ago, Wolverine was experimented upon again. His teeth and muscles are now laced with adamantium.

Electric Eve -- Like Litterbug, Eve was recruited from the Morlocks.

X-Men X: Scott Summers & Jean Grey

In a future where the X-Men no longer have a Mansion to hide in, they must now escape into the masses of humanity, joining the ranks of their numberless insignificance. In this, their darkest hour, the X-Men’s visionary and first X-Man, Scott Summers, has become their leader once again.

But unlike the rest of his teammates, Scott is uncomfortable with the idea of blending in with the masses. Scott feels that this notion of hiding betrays Charles Xavier’s dream of mankind and mutantkind living together in peace. And this disguise...well, it feels like a retreat for his strategic mind.

Scott Summers is a man of singular vision. And he has been compromised.

Jean Grey, on the other hand, has embraced the idea of hiding amongst humanity and has emphasised this decision by adding a hood to her costume. Grey, one of the most powerful telekinetics and psychics on the planet, has become the symbolic representation of youth’s Little Red Riding Hood.

But this is where the comparison ends. For Jean Grey knows all too well that the hungers that will eventually destroy her and her fellow mutants are those that remain unsatiated within the minds of those who see mutants as a treat.

Don’t be fooled. There are wolves. But only Jean is capable of spotting them. Only Jean can sense their fear...and only Jean can see the teeth that open within their hearts and minds.

X-Men: The Retro Men

There’s no surefire way of predicting the future -- save, of course, ringing up that Jamaican lady from those late night commercials -- but there are several things you can be relatively certain to see come to pass. For example: Science will transport society into realms undreamt of. The world will vainly struggle to achieve global peace. Neither the Cubs nor Red Sox will ever win a World Series. Long forgotten clothing styles will unexpectedly return to fashion. And so on.

What this all means is that one day the X-Men will find themselves transformed into the Retro Men. Of course, like any popular fashion trend, there exists the danger that things might get out of hand -- there’s really no need for Iceman to be so thoroughly overdressed, for instance, and just who does the Beast think he’s fooling with that mask? But the overall nostalgic familiarity the look provides for Xavier’s group more than offsets any such foolishness! After all, seeing such unlikely candidates as Cable, Gambit, Wolverine, and Storm suited up in costumes similar to the original suits the Z-Men wore would inspire even Magneto himself to keep that little red tin can he calls a mask as an integral part of his wardrobe.

Harkening back to their earliest days, it’s a style that imbues the well-worn X-Men team with a youthful, almost innocent elegance. Hey, there’s no guarantee Mr. Sinister won’t be a problem again in the future, but after this change, all concerns regarding Mr. Blackwell can finally be put to rest!

X-Force: Primetime Doop

Hey, True Believers, the time has finally arrived! After long months of searching for the script, studio perks, and -- of course -- signing bonus, the extravagant X-Force member known only as Doop has finally agreed to start filming the sequel to his wildly popular, Emmy Award-winning television series, Doop Forever! Three years in the making, the tentatively titled Doop Everlasting will improve upon its 2003 predecessor in several ways, including more mutants, more mirth, and more mayhem!

Doop Everlasting premieres this fall on XTV, returning to its old Thursday 8pm timeslot. And while the basic format had remained unchanged (super-villains are set loose on the streets of Manhattan while various X-Force members hunt down and slaughter them), the players have changed for the better! Two of this year’s more exciting recruits include Psyclops, a super-strong bad boy with a craving for blood, and the beautiful Temptress, whose name (and bod) speak for itself! And, of course, our host and hero Doop remains in his usual position, videotaping and recording each and every kill for the benefit of his loyal audience!

If history is any indication, expect viewers to flock to their television sets each Thursday for new episodes of Doop Everlasting. This is reality television at its most realist, folks, so don’t miss out on what’s sure to be the talk of the country!

X-Men Revolution

Daily Bugle Music News
by Ken Siu-Chong

Few would have guessed that five teenaged mutants could have changed a nation...but they did. Scott, Jean, Kurt, Rogue and Pietro were social misfits, the only mutants at the suburban Bayville High School. Aside from being mutants, they also shared a love of music and decided to form a band that they dubbed, “X-Men rEvolution”. They drew inspiration from their common life experiences and found that a pen and a pick were the perfect outlets for the throttled rage that each of them carried. They wrote personal songs about their mistreatment as mutants and the injustices they faced both in school and society. Playing in underground clubs and bars, they also began to notice something that amazed them - they were not alone. As word of their music spread, they played before ever-increasing crowds of mutant teens who identified with their lyrics.

They wrote inspirational music to make mutants stand and be proud of their genetic heritage. Their songs spoke of social and political change, challenging the structures and establishments that had systematically discriminated against mutants for years. This proved to be the most fruitful time of the band’s songwriting career, culminating in the mutant-pride anthem, “The Mutant Revolution Will Not Be Televised”.