A Babies vs X Babies

In the small suburban town of Marvelous Meadows, baby Steve Rogers is tucking in his teddy bear brigade when he realises that Bucky Bear has gone missing. Bucky Bear had in fact been kidnapped by baby Scott Summers who lives across the street.

Baby Steve dons his Captain America uniform and calls for the baby Avengers to assemble. Meanwhile, baby Scott now in his Cyclops uniform, also calls for the baby X-Men to gather.

A huge fight ensues over Bucky Bear. The baby Avengers and baby X-Men are evenly matched, and possession of Bucky Bear bounces back and forth.

Just when it looks like baby Cyclops has won possession of Bucky Bear, baby Phoenix appears and demands baby Cyclops return Bucky Bear to baby Captain America. When baby Cyclops refuses, an angry baby Phoenix unleashes an explosion that incinerates the cross street.

Bucky Bear is returned to its rightful owner. The parents of Marvelous Meados awaken the next morning to find the neighbourhood devastated.