Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol 1) #9: And Rancor is Her Name-O!

Giraud wanders the streets of his town. The humans live under the oppression of the mutants known as “The Nine”. This day, he is singled out by the mutants for interrogation. Giraud puts up a fight and evades capture. He hopes to lose them in the alleys. A portal opens and the “One-Who-Knows” calls out to him to walk through it. Desiring freedom, Giraud accepts the offer.

It is the Guardians of the Galaxy who have contacted Giraud. He recalls the story of how humans came into existence on his planet. The humans came from “the Mother-Earth” over a thousand years ago. Back then, mutants, known on his planet as the “First-Comers” were being hunted by the “Monster Machines” (Sentinels).

“The Great Magneto” led the “ancestors of the First-Comers” to Europa to form a new colony. Most went willingly, some refused to leave Earth, and the rest “went reluctantly”. From Europa, they spread out and travelled to explore other star systems.