Wolverine: Knight of Terra

Wolverine is mysteriously transported into the otherdimensional land of Geshem. He meets a Sabretooth double claiming to be the beast of the land and intends to overthrow the Queen of Geshem. The two do battle over land littered with thousands of corpses of soldiers sent forth by the Shaman to slay the beast.

Rahne aka Wolfsbane has meanwhile switched bodies with Queen Rain of Geshem. This measure taken by the Shaman in Geshem to protect the Queen. In the mainstream time, Xavier, Moria and Bishop discover that their Rahne had been replaced.

Lords Summerisle (Scott) and Paladin (Bishop) make their way back to the castle in the capital of Geshem. They encounter a small group of upset peasants who claim the land is dying because the Queen defied the prophecy, that a beast will devour her on her sixteenth birthday. The peasants stir up a riot and the lords escape behind the doors of the internal castle. The two men are greeted by Lord Summerisle’s wife, Lady Jehane Grey (Jean), and Mistress Mistral (Storm).

They sense amiss in the Shaman’s tower, and upon forced entry, they find in the Queen’s place Rahne who resembles their Queen uncannily. The Shaman explains that they need her help to “play the Queen to put down civil unrest” as Wolverine races towards the castle on horseback. Back in the mainstream time, Xavier probes the mind of Rahne’s double to find out what happened to their Rahne and how they might be of help to this girl.

Rahne is being tutored in the mannerisms of the queen by Lady Grey and Mistress Mistral before addressing the gathering of the dukes of the shires. Rahne observes upon the wall hangs a portrait of their Queen Rain and her Prince consort, who resembles her beloved and dearly departed Doug.

Xavier enters the mind of Queen Rain and discovers the strange land she comes from where each of them has a counterpart in this realm. He advises her the only way to overcome this fear, is not to fight the monster within her, but be one and at peace with it.

In Geshem, the beast attacks the castle while Rahne delivers her address. The beast appears to be too formidable, easily defeating the soldiers. When the lords Paladin and Summerisle are taken down, the ladies Grey and Mistral spring into action. Mistress Mistral unleashes a psychic whirlwind on the beast. But Lady Grey, fearing for her husband’s life as the beast has taken him as a hostage, commands Mistress Mistral to seize the storm immediately. The beast then takes advantage of their distraction, and uses Lord Summerisle’s basilisk mask against the ladies. Lord Summerisle tries to retaliate but is knocked out easily by the beast.

Wolverine arrives to lend aid to Geshem just as Rahne reveals her wolf form and takes on the beast herself. The true Queen, having released the beast within her is mysteriously transported back into her own realm. The beast is eventually defeated and the true Queen returns with renewed self confidence. Wolverine is knighted by the Queen and he and Rahne are subsequently transported back to their own time.