What The--?! #3: Mutant Beach Party

The Muties, the Mutie Wanna-Be, and Mutie Usedto-Be are having a party. Kloenix II invites herself into the party, and is mistaken for Kloenix.

Slicksilver and the Scarlett Wench crash the party and then leave within minutes. Eyeclops and Marble Girl head outside to scout for more danger.

Eyeclops: “Marble Girl! Do your telepathic powers reveal any danger?”
Marble Girl: “Oh, you big silly -- don’t you remember? I lost my telepathetic powers due to the trauma of being locked in a closet by Kloenix for five years! But Kloenix II, the daughter we never had (literally), has inherited those old powers of mine from the deluxe, direct-only version of Kloenix -- you know, from the dimension where I never got rescued from that darn closet? Maybe she knows.”
Kloenix II: “I can’t keep track of this stuff anymore...I don’t sense anything -- but that could be due to my almost terminal angst over your not being my real parents!”
Marble Girl: “Imagine how we feel -- we’re not even married!”