X-Men: The Wedding of Jean and Cyclops

(Exerpts from the book.)

After a long courtship, Cyclops and Jean Grey had finally decided to get married. The happy day also turned out to be one of the coldest of the winter. Wind rattled the windowpanes of the old church as the two lovers recited their vows.

The X-Men were all in attendance, of course--all but one of them, that is...

Wolverine was still in love with Jean. He was acting out his anger at the marriage by beating up on a hologram of Cyclops.

But he might have felt different had he known the truth--that the “minister” who was performing the ceremony was not a real minister at all!

In fact, the “minister” was none other than the X-Man Morph, long thought to be dead by his teammates.

After the wedding, the X-Men had to deal with several problems including the Friends of Humanity, Morph, and the disappearance of Professor Xavier.

Meanwhile, on a faraway beach, Cyclops and Jean were walking hand in hand. The waves lapped gently at their feet as the sun set on another perfect day. The newlyweds smiled lovingly at each other. So far their honeymoon had been everything they had dreamed of.

Little did Cyclops and Jean know that their fellow X-Men had never been in greater peril. Morph and Mr Sinister, along with Friends of Humanity, looked poised to succeed in their evil plans to destroy the X-Men.

But although things looked bleak, it was only a matter of time before the X-Men regrouped to crush the villians. For when all hope seems lost, the X-Men are never more heroic!