X-Men Adventures (Vol 1) #2: A Death in the Family

The X-Men have breached the “Mutant Affairs Department” of federal security to destroy government files on mutants. On the ground, the team of Beast, Morph and Wolverine is lead by Storm. Morph is momentarily taken down from a bout of hallucination. Cyclops, Rogue and Gambit keep watch from an elevated distance.

Beast and the rest of the team proceeds to destroy the files. Cyclops calls for a quick job as reinforcements get heavier outside of the facility. The Sentinels move in as the X-Men make their escape. Morph appears to be mortally wounded when the Sentinels attack.

Meanwhile, Gyrich and Trask have Jubilee, a mutant previously tracked and captured by the Sentinels, held in an abandoned factory. The capture proves the Sentinels to be effective.

The X-Men return to the mansion, having lost Morph and Beast to the Sentinels. Wolverine is quick to blame Cyclops for the team’s loss, but Xavier defends Cyclops’ judgement for the safety of the rest of the team.

In Washington D.C., Gyrich is enraged when the bill for his Mutant Registration Act is cancelled.

Cyclops breaks the bad news of Jubilee’s capture to her foster parents. Suddenly, a Sentinel shows up and attacks Cyclops. Cyclops damages the Sentinel. He has Storm, Wolverine, Rogue and Gambit track the damaged Sentinel returning to headquarters and find Jubilee.

They rescue Jubilee from the Sentinel base at the abandoned factory. Half of the Sentinels escape while the X-Men destroy the rest of the Sentinels at the base.

The next day, Jubilee joins the X-Men.