X-Men Adventures (Vol 1) #14: Even a Savior

Recognising Gambit to be the traitor, Bishop attacks him. The X-Men come to Gambit’s defence, and urge Bishop to settle this in a reasonable manner. Bishop narrates the events soon to unfold if he doesn’t kill the assassin. Gambit feels betrayed by the accusation.

Xavier has the X-Men accompany him to Washington D.C. where he will address the Senate on mutants. He orders Bishop and Gambit to remain at the mansion, and appoints Wolverine to “babysit” them. While unconvinced that Gambit is the assassin, Xavier knows that Bishop is not lying. The X-Men go to D.C. to find out the truth.

Meanwhile, at the mansion, Gambit manages to get out of sight of Wolverine and Bishop long enough to make an escape. He charts a course for D.C. on one of the small jets.

Blob, Avalanche and Pyro are spotted in the crowd of anti-mutant protesters. While the Senate hearing is underway, Blob, Avalanche and Pyro make a surprise attack, long enough for a woman named Barbara to escort Senator Kelly out of the room.

Blob, Avalanche and Pyro then lure the X-Men outside to finish the fight they started.

Gambit, who is now in D.C. and in the Senate building, follows Barbara and Kelly. He finds out the real Barbara is bound and gagged, and the impostor is shape-shifter. The shape-shifter changes her appearance to that of Gambit so the assassination can be pinned on the X-Man, just as Bishop had informed the X-Men. Only this time, the real Gambit is there to stop the impostor from assassinating Senator Kelly in his name.

Bishop barges in and is about to shoot both Gambits when Rogue rips his gun and “temporal displacement field” armband from his hands, sending Bishop back to the future. Senator Kelly escapes with the real Barbara. Leaving Rogue to deal with the two Gambits.

The shape-shifter reveals herself to Rogue to be Mystique, and the woman she once called “Momma”. Unable to bring herself to hurt the woman who took her in when her mutant powers first surfaced, she lets Mystique escape. Cyclops and Wolverine find Rogue reviving Gambit in the room.

The day after the supposed assassination, Senator Kelly arranges a private meeting with Xavier. When Xavier, Cyclops and Jean arrive at the meeting room, they find it destroyed and Kelly kidnapped. Xavier suspects that someone else kidnapped Kelly, and not the mutants they fought the day before. His magnetised watch serves as his clue as to who kidnapped Kelly.

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