X-Men Adventures (Vol 2) #5: Metallic Memories

Wolverine is deer hunting in Canada when he is confronted by his old team, Alpha Flight. Memories of his past come flooding back. After escaping the facility he had been experimented on, he is cared for by two researchers, Jim and Heather. Jim turned out to be the Vindicator, leader of Alpha Flight. Wolverine is accepted into the team, and introduced to the government. But this was a plot to return Wolverine to experimentation. He resists, and with help from Heather, escapes for good.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Jean is still unable to find Xavier, even with the aid of Cerebro to amplify her powers.

After falling from a cliff in Antarctica, Xavier and Magneto discover themselves in a hidden lush rainforest hidden in the South Pole, called the Savage Land. They are greeted by the mutates who live in the Savage Land, and who have turned against Magneto.