X-Men Adventures (Vol 2) #8: Time Fugitives Pt II

In 3999 A.D., Cable is trying to get as much information about the temporal storm from his computer. The reason this is happening is because Bishop has gone to the past to prevent the plague from happening. To ensure the continuance of Cable’s time, the plague needs to run its course, allowing mutants to develop antibodies overtime and survive the plague. Seeing his son, Tyler, disappear due to the realigned time, Cable travels to the past to stop Bishop.

Back at the mansion, the X-Men are clarifying facts about the catastrophe caused by the plague in the future. Beast explains that the virus, while non-lethal in humans, will become lethal once combined with mutant DNA.

Cable has arrived in the 21st century. Learning more about the X-Men, he gets an idea from Wolverine’s healing factor that might save the future for all.

At the Senate hearings, Creed tries to convince the Senate to blame mutants. Beast, in a rebuttal, states that it is scientifically impossible for mutants to be the source of the virus. As Beast proceeds to the presentation of his research data, Creed plans to infect the entire Senate to make Beast the scapegoat. Bishop sees Creed pull an instrument out of his pocket and stops him from using it. A fight breaks out.

Cable appears and he and Wolverine go at it. Cable makes quick work of Wolverine, and takes off with him amidst the confusion. Jean reads Cable’s mind and learns some startling facts about Cable. Meanwhile, Creed has managed to infect himself, and he puts the blame on the mutants who had him pinned to the ground.

In private, Cable having related his concerns to Wolverine about his future and Bishop’s interference. He has managed to secure the help of Wolverine. With that, they teleport to the lab at the headquarters of the Friends of Humanity. In the mean time, the X-Men are headed in the same direction in the Blackbird.

Cable exposes Creed’s scientist as Apocalypse. A battle rages between the mutants and Apocalypse. Apocalypse crashes Wolverine into a vat of the virus. His healing factor kicked into high gear, healing him and creating the necessary antibodies, just as Cable had planned, saving all mutantkind. Apocalypse escapes while the lab is destroyed.

Bishop and Cable return to their respective, intact futures.

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