X-Men Adventures (Vol 2) #11: The Trouble is Not in Your Set

In another dimension, Mojo gives reality shows a whole new meaning. When the ratings sink for his prime time show with Longshot, he sets out to find new stars, in the X-Men.

Scott and Jean are in search of a new television when they first encounter Mojo on the televisions. Mojo caused a little commotion when stunning a salesman. Scott and Jean are joined by the rest of the X-Men. Spiral, Mojo’s henchwoman, is sent to transport the X-Men to Mojoverse.

The X-Men proceed to star in several shows, each cumulating in rather disastrous ends. Cyclops and Storm star in “Miami Nice” in a boat chase ending in an explosion. Rogue and Beast star in “Rogue Star” where they are in space hurtling into the sun in a damaged spacecraft. Wolverine and Jean are left to star in “I Dream of Jean”. Jean tells Wolverine to act along, allowing Mojo to believe he is controlling the show while Jean infiltrates the controls with her telekinesis.

With the interference of Longshot who has returned to reclaim his “time slot”, the X-Men are set free from their holding cells. The X-Men’s “live” attack on Mojo sends ratings plummeting. The X-Men are sent back to Earth.

Xavier and Magneto delve deeper into the Savage Land. Magneto shows Xavier his former citadel now occupied by someone else. They witness a winged creature, Sauron, attack a native woman. Magneto restrains Xavier from helping her as they are powerless in the Savage Lands. Xavier, seeing Sauron return to the citadel, is determined to go to the aid of the woman and find out what is happening in this jungle.