X-Men Adventures (Vol 3) #2: In Spirits Joined

Wolverine, Jubilee and Gambit, led by Lady Deathstrike into the depths of the New York tunnels to an abandoned spacecraft. She needed Wolverine’s adamantium claws to open the ship. They unleash an alien being. The Morlocks and Jubilee fall prey to being possessed by the alien. Wolverine blames Deathstrike for what happened to Jubilee. Gambit steps in to break up the fight.

Xavier is alerted of the situation and calls for the various off-duty X-Men to assemble. Beast is called from an art exhibition, and Scott and Jean from their dinner date.

Wolverine, Gambit and Deathstrike continue to fight the alien. Xavier, Beast, Cyclops and Jean arrive as Deathstrike becomes another victim to the alien’s possession.

Cyclops and Jean help Wolverine and Gambit fend off the alien while Xavier and Beast head for the alien’s ship to learn more about it. The ship was a prison holding the alien being, a “Spirit Drinker”, for eternity, but it crashed on Earth.

Deciphering the ship’s information, Xavier learned to kill the “Spirit Drinker”, thereby releasing the captive souls. The “Spirit Drinker” is led to the live train tracks where an electric short-circuit defeats the alien being. Normalcy is restored but Xavier senses something more ominous ahead for the future.