Night of the Sentinels Pt II

Cyclops, Gambit and Rogue take on the military outside as the rest of the X-Men deal with the guards inside of the Mutant Control Agency facility.

Morph disguises himself as one of the guards, telling the rest of the guards to “report to the guard room”. He locks the guards out of the room with the mutant database. Beast tackles the task of destroying the computer files while Storm and Wolverine destroy the hardcopies.

Jubilee is held captive and interrogated by Henry Guyrich. Larry Trask, Guyrich’s partner in this operation, is disapproving of Guyrich striking before the agreed one hundred Sentinels were built. Guyrich is alerted to the X-Men’s intrusion into the facility. The X-Men make quick work of what’s left of the files to destroy and quickly head for the Blackbird. They are ambushed by a group of Sentinels. Morph and Beast are struck hard; Cyclops makes the decision to leave them behind to save the team.

Wolverine takes out his anger on Cyclops by delivering a punch to the latter’s gut. Jean breaks up the fight between the two men. She delivers the news that Beast is still alive, but Morph wasn’t so lucky. Wolverine proceeds to tear the roof off Cyclops’ car and goes for a ride.

Beast is captured by the military.

Cyclops finds Wolverine in a pool bar fight. Cyclops isn’t there to apologise, but offers Wolverine a new mission: to locate the Sentinel’s “home base”. Wolverine gladly accepts the mission.

The president threatens to shut down Guyrich’s operation. Guyrich plans to move the Sentinel operation overseas.

Cyclops pays Jubilee’s parents a visit regarding Jubilee’s disappearance. Jubilee’s father warns Cyclops to leave immediately because Guyrich has planted a Sentinel ambush. Cyclops damages the Sentinel to track it back to its home base.

Jubilee manages to escape from her holding cell as the X-Men arrive at the Sentinel base. With their knowledge of Sentinels, they take out the active Sentinels at the base.

Jubilee arrives at the mansion to join the X-Men. Jean reassures Cyclops that he did what he had to do when he made the command decision to leave Beast and Morph behind.

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