Repo Man

Wolverine is in the Canadian wilderness looking for a woman named Heather. He is ambushed instead by the Vindicator, who was the one who summoned him. The Vindicator feels betrayed that Wolverine left to join the X-Men and wants Wolverine to return to Alpha Flight. Wolverine wouldn’t return even if he had to fight “every mutant in Canada”. Alpha Flight loses Wolverine in the trees. Wolverine hears talk of a “lab”, and has flashbacks of his past.

Back at the mansion, Jean is using Cerebro to track down Xavier, exerting a lot of energy in the process.

Wolverine is finally captured by Alpha Flight. Heather was indeed the one who summoned Wolverine. His capture was for “[Canada’s] security”. The Canadian government had repeatedly tried to “duplicate the process that gave [Wolverine] [his] adamantium skeleton” and failed. They wanted to uncover the secrets to Wolverine surviving the process.

Magneto and Xavier are exploring the Savage Land. While their powers have been compromised, Xavier finds he can walk. Xavier learns from one of the mutates on the island that they have been created by Magneto, but have a new leader now. Magneto and Xavier are attacked. They quickly escape.

While Wolverine is being experimented on, Jean senses his pain through the use of Cerebro. She is unable to pinpoint Wolverine’s exact location.

Back in the lab, Heather refuses to perform anymore experiments on Wolverine and quits. Alpha Flight overhears the general’s true plan for Wolverine’s capture and attacks to drive the General away. Heather begs Wolverine not to harm her husband, the Vindicator. Wolverine lets them off with a warning that the next time he won’t be that merciful.