X-Ternally Yours

Cyclops is running a Danger Room simulation. Gambit receives a phone call, and in the midst of a heated discussion over the line, accidentally leans against the lever, setting the simulation to the highest level. The simulation is too tough for Cyclops to handle. It is Rogue who discovers this and rushes into the Danger Room to override the session. Rogue reprimands Gambit for being careless, but Gambit is disturbed by news of his brother in danger.

Jean rushes to the side of Scott, who is injured. Meanwhile, Gambit leaves the mansion in a hurry. He meets one of the members from the Thieves Guild, which he had been a former member of. The enemy of the Thieves, the Assassins, have captured Gambit’s brother and their offering, in exchange for Gambit.

Jean, Rogue and Wolverine plan to follow Gambit. Jean had sensed “dread” within Gambit. They track him to the swamps.

Gambit visits his brother, held captive by the Assassins. The leader of the Assassins, Belladonna, approaches Gambit. If he promises to wed her (as he did a long time ago), she would set her brother free. Gambit is tricked into wearing the wedding ring handed to him by Belladonna, which turns out to be a device for her to control him, as well as cancel out his powers.

Jean, Rogue and Wolverine, using Professor Xavier’s records of Gambit, arrive at the house of the Thieves. They walk into a trap. The Thieves recognise the X-Men. Wolverine threateningly demands that the Thieves take them to Gambit.

Belladonna reveals her plan for the extermination of the Thieves. Gambit had exchanged himself for his brother and the fake offering. And for that, at the offering for the External, the Thieves Guild will perish.

Upon the arrival of the Assassins, Gambit alerts the Thieves about the fake offering. A fight ensues between the Thieves and the Assassins.

When the time has come, the External presents herself. Sensing the offering of the Thieves to be fake, the External prepares to vanquish the Thieves. Jean telepathically relays the truth to the External. Furious, the External prepares to sentence Belladonna. Gambit begs the External to “take her powers, but not her life”. With that, Gambit leaves with the X-Men.

In the Savage Land, Xavier and Magneto are attacked by more mutates, but manage to escape.