Time Fugitives Pt II

Cable travels back in time to the exact time Bishop had returned to the 90s. Cable tries to stop Bishop from eventually destroying the virus. Both men are trying to save their future. Bishop wants to destroy the virus to save the lives of mutants in his future, and Cable wants to preserve the virus so mutants will live in his.

Seeing the news broadcast of a riot in the streets, the X-Men head out to stop it.

Cable arrives at the scene of the riot, but cannot find it in him to kill Bishop. The X-Men arrive as Cable takes a second aim at Bishop. Rogue stops Cable from killing Bishop but not for long as a brick building collapses over her. Bishop tries to counterattack Cable. The mob disperses as the mutants battle each other. Cyclops takes out Cable with an optic blast. Cyclops is blasted off the building, and is caught in midair by Storm. Jean uses her telekinesis to stop the Blackbird from falling off the building as well. Rogue comes to her aid. Wolverine goes after Cable. The FoH interfere but are clearly no match for the mutants. Cable retreats after continual attack by the X-Men.

Cable is repairing his mechanical left arm in an abandoned electronics store (his “HQ”). He seeks information about the various X-Men from his computer. Wolverine’s ability to heal has given Cable an idea on how to save his future.

Cable makes his way to the hearing at Washington DC. A fight had already broken out. Wolverine takes on Cable while the rest of the X-Men are busy with the FoH. In the midst of the fight, Creed had infected himself with the virus.

Before Cable teleports away with Wolverine, Jean reads Cable’s mind, and uncovers more than she had bargained for. Cable shares DNA traits with her and Cyclops (making him their offspring), and is intertwined with Apocalypse and the virus.

Cable teleports Wolverine with him to HQ. Cable requests the help of Wolverine. Seeing Wolverine has reservations, Cable stuns Wolverine with a blast to stop him from escaping.

In the Blackbird, Cyclops reprimands Bishop for “attacking Creed on national television”. Replaying the recorded session, Beast confirms Bishop’s claims of Creed carrying a portable viral weapon.

Cyclops notices that Jean is distracted. Jean tells Cyclops that Cable is “more important for...[their] future than [he] can ever imagine”.

The X-Men follow Creed to the FoH headquarters, as does Cable (with Wolverine). Jean’s telepathic scans reveal the presence of powerful mutant beneath the mansion. As the X-Men make their way inside, Cable arrives as well and exposes Apocalypse.

The X-Men are powerless to stop Apocalypse. Apocalypse blasts Wolverine into a tank containing the virus. Wolverine’s healing ability has “created the antibodies that all mutants will need to survive” in Cable’s future. Now that a cure is found, Apocalypse’s virus is useless. The X-Men escape the exploding lab, Beast rescuing Creed as well.

Bishop returns to his time, but the future is still as bleak as ever.

Wolverine has fully recovered, and armed with antibodies to fight the plague.

Cable’s future has also been preserved, and he returns to be greeted by his son, Tyler.

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