A Rogue’s Tale

Mr Sinister seeks Mystique. He has news of Xavier’s disappearance, a perfect time for Mystique to device a plan to reclaim her daughter, Rogue.

Mystique’s team attacks a fair. It was a ploy to lure the X-Men out so Mystique can attack Rogue’s mind, inducing nightmares.

While recovering in the mansion, Rogue explains that Professor Xavier had been working to help her block out some of her memories. But seeing the face of the woman Rogue met at the fair triggered some attack in her mind. Everywhere she goes, she seems to have visions of that woman. Rogue seeks the help of Jean, from the woman who claims to have her life taken from her by Rogue.

Probing Rogue’s mind, Jean senses the presence of another. Rogue smashes her way out of the mansion, seeking solitude. Storm goes after Rogue. Storm finds Rogue atop the Statue of Liberty, but Rogue flees, chasing after her visions. Her visions lead her to the hospital, where Mystique has set her trap. Mystique takes out Storm, and lures Cyclops, Gambit and Wolverine to her, disguised as Storm. The real Storm awakens and takes out Mystique’s team, and urges the X-Men to hurry and find Rogue as Mystique is after her.

Rogue meets Mystique in a hospital ward. Mystique gets Rogue to absorb her memories, so Rogue could remember the past. Mystique had taken Rogue in after her father disowned her. Rogue had gained the abilities of strength and flight were permanently taken from Miss Marvel. Rogue’s mind was haunted by Miss Marvel, and Xavier had reached out to Rogue when she fled from Mystique’s home.

Rogue absorbed Mystique’s powers as well and is not able to control it. With her weakened mind, Miss Marvel within her fights to take control of Rogue’s mind and body.

Jean, with the help of Cerebro, gets inside Rogue’s mind to help stop Miss Marvel from destroying both her and Rogue. With Jean’s effort, Rogue manages to imprison Miss Marvel again. Rogue leaves Mystique and returns with the X-Men.

The next day, Rogue pays a visit to Miss Marvel (Carol Danvers) in the hospital.