Beauty and the Beast

Beast is working with Dr Bolson at the Eye Clinic, helping devise a treatment for their blind patient, Carly. Dr Bolson appears to be the only colleague who welcomes Hank (Beast) despite him being a mutant.

The Friends of Humanity (FoH) attacks the hospital. Beast carries Carly and Dr Bolson to safety. The FoH scatter when the police arrive.

Wolverine is outraged at the FoH for attacking a hospital just to get to Beast. Jean cautions Wolverine against seeking revenge. She wonders where Xavier has disappeared to in this crucial time of unrest.

In the Savage Land, Xavier and Magneto are briefly captured by Amphibius, one of Magneto’s creations who had turned against him. They manage to escape when attacked by a sea creature.

Back in New York City, Wolverine seeks out the FoH. He creates a ruckus in the alley, and claims that it was a mutant who attacked him. The FoH help Wolverine take shelter in their hideout.

Beast returns to the Eye Clinic, but Dr Bolson has some sad news for him. The hospital board had decided to release him. Carly’s father demands that Beast stay away from his daughter. Beast bids Carly farewell before leaving.

Back at the mansion, Beast flips through his photo album. Jean brings some food down to him. Beast is upset that him being a mutant doesn’t allow him to be with the woman he loves. He decides that he shouldn’t endanger Carly’s life by being with her. Jean tells him to let Carly decide for herself if she cared for him.

The following day, Beast is present for when Carly’s bandages come off. Carly’s father is outraged at Beast’s presence. Beast takes his leave and Dr Bolson sees him out the door. Suddenly, the FoH strikes and kidnaps Carly.

At the FoH hideout, Wolverine, under the alias of John Logan, has a talk with Creed. Wolverine suspects that Creed is related to someone he knows.

Beast alerts the X-Men for help. As Cyclops, Jean and Jubilee are on their way out of the War Room, Wolverine reports back from his solo undercover mission, and requests that the X-Men bring along the “portable Cerebro projector”.

While Creed is interrogating Carly he has held hostage, Beast infiltrates the building. All the FoH men rush to stop the intrusion. Wolverine takes out Creed and rescues Carly, as well as Beast who is injured. They are outnumbered by FoH men when Cyclops, Jean and Jubilee arrive. Jubilee sets the projector to project a holographic image of Sabretooth. Creed is driven insane and the X-Men leave him at that.

Having saved Carly’s life, Beast has gained the trust of Carly’s father. He bids Carly farewell.