A mutant named Longshot is being chased by monsters and robots. He proceeds to destroy them. It turns out to be a television show, created by one named Mojo. Ratings have been dropping and Mojo gets upset at his star actor. Longshot can stand Mojo’s ill-treatment no longer and quits.

Desperate to find a replacement for Longshot, Mojo’s follower suggests hiring the X-Men. Mojo is enthralled with the footage and demands the X-Men be brought to him.

At the mall, Scott and Jean are shopping for a new television since Jubilee fried the mansion’s previous set. Suddenly, Mojo appears on all the television screens, scaring away the customers. The store clerk is zapped trying to change channels.

Mojo rattles on about turning Scott and Jean into stars on his show. Scott and Jean are perplexed and promptly leave. Angered, Mojo zaps Scott and Jean. Scott carries an unconscious Jean to safety while he deals with Mojo, blasting at the televisions. Jean wakes up and finds Scott being zapped. She throws a telekinetic shield around them.

Wolverine, Storm and Beast run in, hearing all the commotion. Mojo summons Spiral, who teleports the X-Men into Mojo’s dimension. The X-Men (Cyclops, Jean, Wolverine, Storm, Beast and Rogue) reappear in a suspended glass box in what looks to be an arena filled with audiences. In a blink of an eye, their civilian clothing are transformed into their battle suits.

Cyclops demands an explanation. After much babbling, Mojo calls for the first show to begin. A random draw picks Cyclops and Storm to star in “Cyclops & Storm in...Miami Mutants!” Cyclops and Storm are on a boat being chased by planes dropping torpedoes. Cyclops takes the boat airborne as it turns into a plane. But Cyclops and Storm are no match for the continual assault. In the end, their plane is blasted, and Mojo brings them back into the arena, frozen in panels. The crowd cheers.

Mojo orders for the second show to begin. Longshot is hiding in the shadows. He hears Mojo speak of a control room and has a plan. The next show, “Rogue Star”, takes Rogue and Beast into the depths of space. Their space craft is blasted, knocking them off course into the sun. Their craft also gets attacked by aliens. Beast is sucked into space after falling out of the craft while Rogue plummets into the sun. They return, frozen in panels like Cyclops and Storm.

Jean and Wolverine are sucked into the third show, “I Dream of Jean”. Wolverine and Jean are attacked by androids. While Wolverine is keeping the androids busy, Jean seeks out the machine controlling the show, and attacks it with her telekinesis. The show’s signal is disrupted.

Longshot appears in the control room. He “cancels” the show and set the X-Men free. The X-Men send equipment crashing down on Mojo. Spiral performs her magic and sends the X-Men back to their dimension. The X-Men are still confused.

Back in Mojo’s world, the arena is destroyed and the audience leave. Mojo tries to make nice with Longshot but he leaves with Spiral.

Mojo’s attention is directed to a “jungle pic” that one of the screens has switched to. It turns out to be the Savage Land that Magneto and Xavier are trapped in. They encounter Sauron, a creature capable of stealing other creature’s lifeforce.