Reunion Pt I

The Savage Land is a rainforest in the middle of Antarctica. The land is secluded, and primitive. Dinosaurs still roam the land. Magneto and Xavier are climbing a cliff trying to get back to Xavier’s plane. They are attacked by “Sky Riders”, who appear to be the natives of the Savage Land. They defeat the Sky Riders and find Xavier’s plane.

They are ambushed by Magneto's mutates, captured and put under a hypnotic state.

Scott, Jean and Wolverine are in the Blackbird, flying off to meet Morph at the location he stated in a tape recording sent to the X-Men.

They arrive at Brandston Theatre where Morph is acting in the play “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”. The crowd applaudes his performance and the amazing special effects, which is actually his shapeshifting ability. Scott, Jean and Wolverine follow Morph into the backstage area, not knowing that it is a trap set by Mr Sinister. Morph tries to warn the X-Men but Sinister’s goons have begun attacking them. Sinister lets slip that he has Xavier captured, and now he has come back for Scott and Jean.

In the Savage Land, a man named Ka-Zar, with his pet Sabretooth Tiger, Zabu, takes Magneto and Xavier from the mutates, with the help of a small herd of Triceratops. Ka-Zar seeks revenge against Magneto for creating the mutates and enslaving his people and his wife. Xavier tries to clear the air, telling Ka-Zar that the recent activity in the Savage Land wasn’t the doings of Magneto, but the mutates obeying a new master. Xavier offers his assistance to Ka-Zar. Ka-Zar plans to raid the citadel that night to free his people.

The X-Men are eventually taken out by Sinister’s goons after putting up a fight. While the three X-Men are dragged to Sinister’s plane, Wolverine awakens and tries to fight them off. They escape with Jean, leaving Wolverine and Scott behind.

In the night, Ka-Zar, Zabu, Magneto and Xavier make their way into the citadel. The mutates are waiting for them at the top of the secret passage. Ka-Zar and Zabu escape, but it is Magneto and Xavier that Sinister sought. At that time, Sinister returns, bringing Jean with him. Sinister had created a machine that drew the abilities of mutants who came to the Savage Land, unless they wore a protective belt that cancelled out the machine.

Morph tries to fight Sinister’s mind-control, refusing to be Sinister’s slave. Outraged, Sinister commands Morph to suffer the same fate as Xavier. With the help of Sauron, Sinister has Xavier under mind-control to lure the rest of the X-Men to the Savage Land.

The X-Men in the mansion receive Xavier’s transmission. Together with the knowledge that Sinister is behind all this, the X-Men set off, even if it means “flying into a trap”.

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