Out of the Past Pt II

Wolverine, Jubilee and Gambit, together with Wolverine’s nemesis Lady Deathstrike (and her army), are investigating an alien spacecraft hidden in the depths of the sewers. They come across an alien being, who sucks the lifeforce out of any living creature it touches. Deathstrike’s army is absorbed, as well as Jubilee who tried to push Gambit out of the alien’s reach before it absorbed him. Xavier, via Cerebro, experiences Jubilee’s pain as she is absorbed by the alien.

Xavier telepathically reaches out to Beast for help, who is at an art museum.

The alien proceeds to absorb the Morlocks, who were captured by Deathstrike and chained to the tunnel walls. After making quick work of the Morlocks, the alien crosses paths with Wolverine, Gambit and Deathstrike again. A trapped Jubilee reaches out to Wolverine and Gambit from within the alien.

Scott and Jean are having a romantic dinner when Xavier calls out to them telepathically.

Scott: “You know Jean, there’ve been times lately I thought we would be together like this.”
Jean: “I know what you mean, Scott. If Sinister had succeeded...”
Scott: “But he didn’t. And now at last, it’s just the two of us.”
Xavier: (Telepathy.) Cyclops, Jean, you are needed immediately.
Jean: (Giggling.) “You were saying?”
Scott: (To the angry waiter.) “Sorry to do this to you Sydney but I think you’d better pack our dinner to go, again.”

Wolverine (carrying an unconscious Jubilee), Gambit and Deathstrike are being chased by the alien. Gambit tries to stop Deathstrike from recklessly attacking the alien by causing a cave-in, blocking the alien’s path. Wolverine orders Gambit to take Jubilee to safety while he and Deathstrike fend off the alien since it is vulnerable to adamantium. Deathstrike is absorbed in the process.

Gambit finds Cyclops, Jean, Beast and Xavier and leads them into the tunnels where the alien was last seen. Jean tries to read the alien’s mind, but it is more than she can handle. Cyclops tries to attack it with his blasts, but Wolverine stops him. They cannot risk endangering the lives the alien has absorbed by destroying it.

Beast inquires about the alien’s spacecraft and Wolverine points him in the direction of it. Beast and Xavier (with the unconscious Jubilee and Deathstrike) go to check it out. The rest of the X-Men try to stop the alien from making its way above ground.

Beast and Xavier come across the alien’s spacecraft. After touching a sign plate on the alien’s containment cell, Xavier gains the ability to comprehend the alien language. He urges Beast to help out the X-Men while he learns more on the craft’s computer.

Xavier telepathically relays the information to Jean, who shares it with the others. The alien is a “spirit drinker” and the spacecraft was a “prison ship”. They track the alien to a subway station and start fighting it. A part of the alien’s “tendril” still clinging onto Wolverine after it is blasted free from the alien hits the rail. Wolverine alerts Beast to it. Electricity seemed to have an adverse effect on the alien.

With the alien destroyed, the absorbed humans are released from the alien and return to their rightful host bodies. But Xavier sensed it was only the beginning of something more ominous to come.