The Phoenix Saga Pt II: Dark Shroud

Jean barely steers the shuttle safely back into the earth’s atmosphere with the aid of the Phoenix Entity (that took over her body). The shuttle crashes into the New York Harbour.

With Wolverine and Cyclops’ effort, the X-Men and Dr Corbeau make it out of the sinking solar probe. Jean rises from the depths of the bay dressed in green and gold, with cries of “I am Phoenix!&8221; She then loses consciousness and falls back into the water. Cyclops and Wolverine pull her to the surface.

Jean comes to in the hospital. Scott remains by her bedside. Jean does not remember rising out of the water, claiming the identity of “Phoenix”. She does however feel “strange”, as if “[she] could reach out and touch the moon and crush it with her hands”. The only explanation Xavier has is that “some kind of transformation has taken place”.

Beast informs Scott that NASA and the military have no knowledge of the alien craft but plan to send another crew to investigate while on the surface they are denying the true cause of the accident. A frustrated Scott lashes out at Xavier for not telling them all he knew, endangering their lives and placing Jean in the hospital. Beast is quick to break up the argument, and then swiftly departs to examine the “mind-control implants” extracted from the Eagle One crew. Beast finds Wolverine in the alley taking out his frustrations. Beast offers Wolverine some drinking company, but Wolverine declines, preferring to be left alone for now.

Xavier makes his way to the roof of the hospital and into an X-Jet. He is telepathically attacked and his inner evil is released. The evil Xavier starts playing mind tricks on the X-Men. His first target is Wolverine. Xavier’s next target is Gambit and Jubilee. Wolverine, having exited the subway, catches the sight of the evil figure. This projection cannot be harmed by mere force. Jubilee calls for Storm’s help. Xavier retreats when the police arrive. Storm also arrives at the scene and creates a mist to allow their escape.

Scott just hung up the phone having talked to Rogue when the evil Xavier enters the hospital room and attacks Scott. Scott’s blasts pass right through the projection. Jean summons the power of the Phoenix and vanquishes the projection.

The X-Men head to the roof where Xavier is trapped in the damaged Jet. The “psychic probe” he had received “overwhelmed all of the safeguards [Xavier] had to control the surging powers of [his] mind” and unleashed his dark side.

Erik the Redd is spies on the X-Men and speculates that Xavier may be the key to Lilandra’s undoing.

Xavier plans to leave the X-Men temporarily for Muir Island, fearing that he cannot be trusted right now. Moira introduces Xavier to her fiancé, Sean Cassidy. Xavier, still harbouring some feelings for Moira, feels a surge of jealously as he watches the couple from his room. As he reaches out telepathically to Lilandra, he transports her into his room.

She knows that her brother, the Emperor D’Ken of Sh’iar’s evil plan is to use the M’Krann Crystal to take over the universe. Harnessing the power of the Crystal would mean destruction for both the Sh’iar and his galaxies. Lilandra stole the Crystal to keep it from D’Ken. She sought Xavier’s help, one whom her mind was “linked” with since their “creation”.

Suddenly, the Juggernaut barges in and captures Lilandra.

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