The Phoenix Saga Pt V: Child of Light

The X-Men are powerless against D’Ken. The Phoenix needs some time to figure out a way to contain the Crystal with her powers. She transports the X-Men, Corsair and Lilandra back to the Starjammers before returning to face D’Ken and the Crystal.

The Phoenix is sucked into the Crystal, as are the Imperial Guards and the Starjammer.

Back on Earth, the climate has gone berserk. Jubilee reports to Xavier that the sun is “gone”. Xavier explains that the Crystal is acting like a “black hole”, drawing everything into it, including the solar system and surrounding galaxies.

D’Ken is merged with the Crystal. He is unharmed but rather fed by power of the attacks. D’Ken takes Lilandra hostage.

The Phoenix revives and teleports Lilandra, the X-Men and the Imperial Guards to Lilandra’s Starcruiser, out of the Crystal’s reach. Bidding farewell to the X-Men, the Phoenix sets out to contain the Crystal. Even with the Crystal “sealed”, it still has to be placed out of reach of any living creature. The Phoenix plans to bury the Crystal in the heart of the sun.

The X-Men are returned to Earth. Lilandra bids Xavier farewell as does Corsair Cyclops.

Corsair: “I’m sorry I tried to use you against the Emperor, Cyclops. Since I’ve lost my wife I lived only for my revenge.”
Cyclops: “None of us will know how we will react when we lose someone we love.”
Corsair: “I’ll have to find a new reason for living now.”
Cyclops: “So will I.”
Corsair: “I’m proud to have known you. And the X-Men. Farewell.”
Cyclops: (To Beast.) “I’ve lost Jean, Corsair lost his wife, I wish we had a chance to talk.”
Beast: “I believe Emily Dickinson once said it best: Parting is all we know of Heaven, and all we need of Hell.”

Xavier: (To Cyclops.) “Do you know the legend of the Phoenix?”
Cyclops: “I’m not interested in legends right now.”
Xavier: “The Phoenix was a mythical bird that was consumed by fire. But always rose again from the ashes. Perhaps that’s what the Phoenix represents. Hope, which never dies.”

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