The Dark Phoenix Pt I: Dazzled

On Muir Island, Xavier and Moira are trying to find out why “the Phoenix hasn’t left” Jean yet. Moira has done all she can for Jean. Until the Phoenix decides to leave Jean’s body, there is nothing much Moira can do. She advises Xavier to bring Jean home.

Gambit takes Scott out to a nightclub when Jean telepathically calls out to Scott for help. Scott hurries out of the club and runs into Dazzler (the previous performer on stage) who is being abducted. Scott drives the abductors away. Dazzler insists Scott return the next night, in case her abductors show up again.

Scott enters the mansion via the kitchen where Wolverine is fixing supper. Jean steps into the kitchen and Scott runs up to embrace her. Jean however, seems “distant”. Xavier gets Storm to take Jean upstairs to rest. Scott is angry that after weeks of therapy, Jean hasn’t made progress and the Phoenix refuses to leave Jean’s body. Xavier feels that Jean needs to “draw strength” from the “psychic rapport” that she shares with Scott.

Meanwhile, the Inner Club plans to recruit Jean into their elite club for the Phoenix’s abilities. Emma Frost has had the opportunity to sneak in and take advantage of Cerebro to learn of the Phoenix. Frost plans to have Wynngard (Mastermind) take control of Jean’s mind to bring the Phoenix under their control.

Back in the mansion, while attending to Jean, Xavier senses that the Phoenix is excited by the “sensations she had never felt before” by inhibiting Jean’s body. That is possibly why the Phoenix refuses to leave Jean’s body.

Scott: “The men that tried to kidnap that mutant, Dazzler might return. I have to go back to that club tonight.”
Jean (Dark Phoenix): “You leave me to be with another woman?! Go then!”
Scott: “Jean, there’s nothing to be jealous of.”
Jean (Dark Phoenix): “Maybe you’ll have to protect her from me!”
Scott: “You don’t mean that.”
Jean: “No, of course not. But I’m afraid the Phoenix does.” (Scott embraces her.)
Scott: “Don’t worry my darling, I’ll stay awhile longer. We will find a way to help you.”

Storm comes to take over watching Jean as Scott leaves for the club.

Frost infiltrates Jean’s mind as the latter is finally asleep. Frost brings Wynngard with her into Jean’s mind where Wynngard will create an illusion to draw the Phoenix to them. Jean awakens with a scream. Storm goes to get her a glass of water when Jean, under the control of the Dark Phoenix escapes.

At the Inner Circle, Frost warns Wynngard that Jean shares a “psychic rapport” with another, and “seeks its protection”. Wynngard insists they track Jean down that night.

The Dark Phoenix brings Jean to the club. Jean sees Dazzler cosying up to Scott and kisses him. Jean is upset, making her even more susceptible to Wynngard’s illusions. Wynngard whisks Jean away. Scott chases after them. Dazzler recognises the Inner Circle’s goons as the ones who tried to kidnap her the previous night.

The X-Men track Jean down to the Inner Circle. The X-Men fight the Inner Circle, but are defeated by the Dark Phoenix who is under Wynngard’s control.

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