Weapon X, Lies, and Videotape

Wolverine is being strapped to his bed as “his nightmares and delusions are getting worse”. The strain is too much for Xavier, even to control. Wolverine awakens in a rage and starts attacking Cyclops, thinking the latter is Sabretooth. Wolverine flees the mansion.

Jean finds a photo with coordinates in Wolverine’s bedroom. Beast goes after Wolverine and tracks him down to the Weapon X facility. Sabretooth appears and starts attacking Wolverine, thinking it was the latter who called him back to this facility. Silver Fox and Maverick show up. Silver Fox intends to get to the bottom of their headaches and delusions, and the facility holds the key to the solution.

Beast discovers a video journal, that during their training, the four had been repeatedly exposed to simulated memories and traumatic events to bring them under mind-control.

Silver Fox needed the four of them to access a chamber that is locked. It is a trap, and by opening the door they have activated a “fail-safe” operation designed to reprogramme them. They take down the first robot, but there are secondary forces. They are taken out by a psychic attack. Beast sets the facility to explode and drives them away.

They separate and retreat. Wolverine and Beast head back to the mansion.