After completing his treatment on Muir Island, Morph is determined to rejoin the X-Men.

The Sentinels attack Zydex Industries and steal the technology that is manufactured.

Back at the mansion, an alarm is sounded. The X-Men hurriedly make their way to the War Room, only to find a setup for a homecoming party. Morph’s homecoming to be exact. But the party is soon interrupted by a news report of a mutant “terrorist attack” on Zydex Industries.

Wolverine suggest that he and Morph check the situation out. They break into the facility, with increased security soon on their heels. Wolverine catches the scent of Sentinels. With enough information, they take their leave. But Morph’s trauma involving the Sentinels still plagues him.

Xavier is determined to learn more about the resurrected Sentinels. He is convinced they had destroyed the last of the Sentinels.

Mastermold is in hiding with the remaining Sentinels, rebuilding his body with the new technology stolen from Zydex Industries so he can create a new army of Sentinels. Mastermold commands his Sentinels to bring him Dr Trask and Peter Guyrich, as well as “the mutant who destroyed [his] body”.

At the mansion, Xavier has a talk with Morph. Xavier is concerned about Morph’s well-being, but Morph resists being hand-held by the rest of the team for every mission. Xavier agrees to Morph’s request not to baby him, but doesn’t see the need to send him on his first mission against the Sentinels.

Meanwhile, the Sentinels are on a mission to capture Xavier. Beast and Wolverine rush to Xavier’s aid but are unable to stop Xavier from being captured. Morph feels guilty for letting the Sentinels escape because he “froze” when he was closest to stop the Sentinels.

In the War Room, Beast is trying to access the Sentinel’s command core from the Sentinel head retrieved. The result is a pair of coordinates, one of the mansion and the other of Trask and Guyrich. Cyclops orders Morph to remain behind in the War Room while the rest of the X-Men track down Trask and Guyrich.

The Sentinels arrive in a jungle with the intention of capturing Trask and Guyrich. The X-Men arrive and take down a few Sentinels, but are unable to stop Trask and Guyrich’s capture.

Back in the War Room, Morph uncovers the actual coordinates of Xavier. On second though, Morph decides to go and rescue Xavier by himself instead of relaying the message to Cyclops and the team.

The X-Men track the Sentinels to Mastermold’s hideout. Mastermold had planned to have him joined with Xavier’s mind, that will act as a locator for mutants all over the world. Morph arrives to find the X-Men battling the Sentinels. Morph’s courage and quick thinking led him to destroy Mastermold and rescue Xavier.

But Morph concludes that he isn’t ready to return to the X-Men and leaves to take time off. Xavier is assured that Morph will return when he is ready.