Beyond Good and Evil Pt I: The End of Time

In the year 3999, Cable and his team of mutants, including his son, prepare to infiltrate Apocalypse’s pyramid to destroy Apocalypse when the latter is most vulnerable. They are ambushed in the Lazarus Chamber. Apocalypse foresaw their attack, and when he has Cable cornered, Apocalypse makes away with Cable’s computer and teleportation device, capable of allowing Apocalypse to access the dimension of time. Apocalypse mysteriously disappears without “finishing [Cable] off”. Cable is suspicious.

In 1959, after saving Xavier from attempted murder, Bishop makes his way back to 2055. But Apocalypse’s interference causes Bishop to be trapped in the axis of time.

In the present, the X-Men are in attendance for Scott and Jean’s second attempt to get married. This time, the ceremony is held in the mansion. Everything goes smoothly as the newlyweds entertain guests with the cake smashing at the reception and the bouquet throwing by the bride. This time, Rogue catches the bouquet.

Scott and Jean are attacked by Sinister’s goons the moment they leave the mansion. The X-Men are unable to stop them from escaping with Scott and Jean, both still unconscious in Scott’s car. They toss Jean into a time portal, and disappear into another time portal themselves. The X-Men find Scott and his car, but no trace of Jean.

Storm is concerned that by drawing all the X-Men away from the mansion, they leave Xavier unprotected. That is the case when Sinister kidnaps Xavier.

Bishop’s sister, Shar, goes back in time (to Bishop’s last traced coordinates) to the “late nineteen-nineties” to find her brother. She arrives at the mansion just as Sinister tries to escape with Xavier through the front door. Shar drives Sinister inside the mansion just as the X-Men return. Sinister calls upon his goons, who flee abruptly as they came, as they find themselves no match for the X-Men. Sinister escapes into a time portal, not before leaving a cryptic message for Scott.

Scott: “What have you done with my wife?!”
Sinister: “Mrs Summers is just another broken blossom, floating through the wings of time.”
Scott: “What do you mean ‘floating through time’?”
Sinister: “Follow to find her, if you dare.”
Rogue: “Oh no you don’t.” (She snatches Xavier from Sinister just as he escapes.)
Scott: “I’ll follow you to the ends of the earth.” (The portal closes.)
Shar: “They’ve taken Jean to the one place you can’t get to. Another time.”
Scott: “But you can! Show me how.”

Jean awakens to find herself trapped in just one of many containment cells. Sinister appears from a time portal, and Jean discovers, to her horror, that Apocalypse is behind her kidnap.

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