Have Yourself a Morlock Little X’Mas

The X-Men are celebrating Christmas in the mansion. Jubilee, Rogue and Scott are singing and hanging ornaments on the tree. Scott excuses himself from carolling. Jubilee tries to rope in Wolverine as Scott’s replacement for “Jingle Bells”, but Wolverine grouchily refuses. Rogue assists Jubilee in putting the star on the tree.

In the kitchen, Jean and Gambit are making dinner. Gambit insists on altering Jean’s recipes but Jean refuses the help and drops a pot over his head.

Suddenly, the alarm goes off. The X-Men rush to the scene of the disturbance, only to find it is Beast’s concoction of cranberry glaze that had exploded. All the Christmas spirit is getting to Wolverine’s head and he is prepared to storm out of the mansion when Jubilee pleads with him to accompany her and Storm on a shopping spree.

After shopping, Jubilee, Storm and Wolverine stop by the skating rink at Rockefeller Centre. While Jubilee and Wolverine are skating, they hear an approaching ambulance. The ambulance drives over the fence, but Storm is able to stop it from crashing onto skaters in the rink. She lowers the ambulance gently.

Two Morlocks have stolen the ambulance to get to the supplies as one of their own, Leech, is sick. They were refused help at the hospital. They plead for help from Storm, who’d won the leadership of the Morlocks from Callisto. Storm agrees to help the Morlocks. They follow the Morlocks into the sewers, a reluctant Jubilee with her presents in tow.

Storm and Callisto agree to put their differences aside for the moment to tend to Leech. Wolverine examines the child, and finds Leech gravely ill.

Jubilee watches the drab surroundings, and is soon joined by a little Morlock girl, Marianna. Jubilee refuses to believe that Leech cannot be healed. Her passing comment about Wolverine’s healing factor gives Storm an idea. She suggests that Wolverine use his blood to help save Leech. Wolverine is extremely reluctant, and relates his stories of success and failure in saving lives.

Storm orders Wolverine to perform the transfusion as there is a glimmer of hope that it might save Leech’s life. In the meantime, Storm contacts Beast to hurry down immediately. Jubilee tries to comfort Marianna in her corner.

Back in the mansion’s kitchen, Jean and Gambit are having a fight over the preparation of dinner. Scott and Rogue try to intervene when Xavier enters with news from Storm. Rogue is requested to fly Beast to the Morlock Tunnels.

In the tunnels, the transfusion has started. Marianna takes Jubilee to see their Christmas tree and their dinner. Storm goes in search of Jubilee and gets her to rejoin the rest of them with Leech. Storm tells Jubilee that it is family and love that keeps the Morlocks going through the tough times.

Frustrated that the transfusion isn’t working, Wolverine is prepared to storm out when Beast arrives. Beast examines Leech, and is pleased to announce that the transfusion did indeed work. Seeing her incompetence to lead the Morlocks, Storm relinquishes her title as leader of the Morlocks to Callisto. Callisto invites the X-Men to join them for a celebratory feast. As an act of charity, Jubilee decides to give her presents to the Morlocks.

Jean and Gambit are still unable to settle their culinary dispute. Scott is at his wits end on how to deal with them both. And Xavier receives a call from Jubilee telling him that the X-Men down in the Morlock Tunnels will be celebrating Christmas Eve with the Morlocks instead. Xavier replies that he is proud of Jubilee’s sacrifice.