Secrets, Not Long Buried

Scott sets off to find a Doctor Prescott in Skull Mesa after Prescott seemingly seizes contact with Scott and Professor Xavier. Prescott is a long time friend to Scott and Xavier, as well as a mentor to Scott while he was in the orphanage.

Skull Mesa is an isolated community for mutants. Scott’s plane gets shot down in the middle of the desert. The local physician reluctantly picks up Scott. Scott meets the local tyrants, led by Solar, who tries to drive Scott out of Skull Mesa. When Scott refuses to leave, they apprehend him and bring him to see Prescott. Scott discovers that the goldmine is the reason Solar has taken over the community.

Scott goes around asking for help but the community is too afraid to do anything as they have been threatened by Solar.

Solar and his men bring Scott to the town centre. Solar tries to convince the town that they should be rid of Scott, but Scott makes a convincing counter-argument to urge the community to stand up for their rights and freedom.

Together, the community fight and defeat Solar and his men. Prescott is rescued from the depths of the mine, along with the other mutants who tried to oppose Solar before.

Scott presents Prescott with a gift that two former mutants Prescott had helped, made for him. While Scott waits for the X-Men to fetch him home, he does some catching up with his old friend.