Jubilee’s Fairy Tale Theatre

Xavier had a field trip scheduled for a group of school children. Jubilee is left to “babysit” as Xavier had to take off after being called upon urgently by the president.

Jubilee takes the children to explore the limestone caverns that run under the Institute. Suddenly, there are a couple of cave-ins. Jubilee goes to check the situation and discovers that they are sealed into the cavern. Not wanting to cause a panic among the children, she calmly sends the rest of the X-Men a signal to rescue them from a cave-in on her beeper, and to pass the time, she decides to tell a story to the children.

“A long time ago, there was a happy kingdom ruled by a handsome prince and his true love, the fair princess Jean. The greatest treasure in the land was a shard of the MacTaggart crystal, a source of great power divided in half by the ancients. But that power had attracted great evil. Sorcerer Magnus the Malevolent, master of metal, attacked. Now Magnus could pursue his evil dream of acquiring the other half of the crystal. And with that power, conquer all kingdoms everywhere...”

“In the forest, the army of Magnus chases after a thief. He runs into a group of peasants and seek hiding. The peasants offer to hide him in their cart of hay, but the army catches up to them and start fighting the peasants. Suddenly, the mythical fairy Jubilee shows up and saves the day, together with her ‘right-hand troll’, Logan.”

“The thief confides in Jubliee and Logan the secret hiding place of the MagTagget crystal, the reason why he is being pursued by Magnus. He was hired by Magnus to steal the crystal, but he gave Magnus a fake and hid the real crystal to prevent Magnus from assuming absolute power.”

“Proceeding into the cave of the Guild of Thieves, the three of them aren’t aware that they are being followed by more of Magnus’ thugs.”

As more cave-ins happen and a leak starts, Jubilee moves the children to higher ground, just as the lower portion of the cave starts to flood, and the water keeps rising. The children though are eager to hear the rest of the story, oblivious to the danger in the cavern.

“Things were looking pretty bad. The mighty Jubilee and her followers were outnumbered. And then...”

“Jubilee easily takes out the Sabretooth warrior and the metal army and imprison them in the cave of the Guild of Thieves. Back in the forest, they meet Xavier ‘the all-knowing’ wizard. The wizard tells the three that Jubilee is the key to stopping Magnus. By joining the two halves of the crystal, Jubilee will uncover the secret to activating the crystal with the goodness within her and destroy Magnus.”

“Unfortunately, Magnus had sent a spy to eavesdrop on their encounter with Xavier. Magnus sets a trap for the three when they arrive with their half of the crystal. The three walk into a trap. Magnus endangers Logan’s life to have Jubilee to restore the crystal. Jubilee outsmarts Magnus by letting him absorb so much power that he can’t control it, eventually leading to his defeat.”

At that time, Logan, Scott and Remy arrive to the aid of Jubilee and the trapped children. One of the boys immediately recognises Logan as the troll, much to Logan’s dismay.

The children are offered refreshments as Jubilee finishes the story.

“With Magnus destroyed, everyone was pretty happy.”

“Jubilee was offered the title of a princess by the prince and princess of the kingdom, but Jubilee declines the offer, wanting to experience more adventures with her friends Logan the troll and the thief.”

Xavier beams with pride at the way that his youngest X-Men handled the situation.