Graduation Day

In Washington D.C., Mr Guyrich presents before a hearing on mutants evidence that mutants are dangerous. Charles Xavier is present at the hearing to fight for mutant rights. Outside, an anti-mutant demonstration is taking place. The hearing is broadcast throughout the nation.

Guyrich’s intention at the hearing was to expose Xavier as the “mutant ring leader”. The weeks at Washington D.C. have weakened Xavier and the attack by Guyrich nearly killed him. Scott, Hank, Logan and Remy get Xavier back to the Institute as fast as possible, but even with the aid of Moira MacTaggart, Beast and Jean are unable to help Xavier.

Suddenly it occurs to Beast that the Shi’ar might possess superior technology to save Xavier, but Jean does not have the psychic rapport that Xavier and Lilandra share to contact Lilandra.

Meanwhile, Xavier’s fall on television has triggered a shockwave of hatred among the mutant community. On Genosha, rebel mutants have gathered to join Magneto’s army while other independent rebel groups have taken matters into their own hands and attacked anti-mutant rioters across the globe.

In an effort to curb violence between mutants and humans, the X-Men have enlisted the help of Morph disguised as Xavier to appear on national television to urge the violence to stop, but to no avail.

As Cyclops feared, they would have to take on Magneto. Cyclops confides in Wolverine his plan to infiltrate Genosha to get to Magneto. Jean insists on joining the mission.

Magneto expected the arrival of the X-Men, as did the X-Men expect an attack from Magneto. Cyclops, Wolverine and Jean proceed on foot to Magneto’s base camp. The X-Men were discovered by some of the Genosha mutants, but before they could take action, Magneto addresses the mutants, distracting the mutants. This gives the X-Men ample time to find a hidden entrance into Magneto’s tower.

The X-Men had come to Magneto to try to persuade him not to go into war with the humans. Through the battle, Magneto learns that Xavier is dying. “Out of respect” for his lifelong friend, Magneto lets the X-Men go.

Having realised that Magneto’s powers enhanced her psychic ability, Jean steps forward to ask Magneto to help Xavier, knowing that Xavier and Magneto’s friendship and respect outweighed their rivalry. Magneto may be Xavier’s only hope of reaching Lilandra.

The X-Men finally manage to convince Magneto to come to the aid of Xavier to try and contact Lilandra. Xavier says his final goodbyes before passing away, seconds before the arrival of Lilandra. Fortunately the Shi’ar possesses advanced medical science, but for Xavier to live, he has to return to Shi’ar with Lilandra.

Magneto and the X-Men bid Xavier farewell, with Xavier promising to be with them in spirit, always.