The Adventures of the X-Men #4: When the Dweller Awakes

Cyclops takes the day off and takes a ride on Wolverine’s motorbike. As he returns to the mansion through Salem Center, he encounters a “dimensional rift” that sent demons to terrorise the town. Cyclops fights off the attacking demons, but their numbers just keep increasing. The X-Men are nowhere in sight, and Cyclops assumes they have been incapacitated by the demons.

In search for refuge, Cyclops comes across the only house in town not “overrun by these monsters”. The door is wide open. Instincts tell him it is a trap, but Cyclops investigates anyway. He meets a man named Erich Zann. Zann tells him of the Legend of the “Dweller” who has been asleep underground for centuries. On this day, he be awakened by the “N’Garai” (the demons) and feast. To send the demons back, Cyclops will have to “steal the Book of R’Lyeh and recite the counter spell”. He would in turn, however, be banished along with the N’Garai.

Still, Cyclops proceeds to City Hall, determined to stop them. Inside, he finds the leader, “Kierrok”, who has the X-Men: Jean, Wolverine and Gambit, held in a spatial rift. On the motorbike, Cyclops speeds into the rift to help the X-Men fend off the demons and exit the rift. Cyclops instructs Jean to telekinetically grab the Book of R’Lyeh from Kierrok.

The X-Men cross back to the other side of the rift away from Kierrok. While Cyclops tries to decipher the language in the book, Jean is overwhelmed by a “brief telepathic contact with some intelligence so ancient”. Suddenly, the ground opens up. The Dweller has awakened.

Just then, Zann arrives. He possess the knowledge of the alien language and volunteers to sacrifice himself, “to atone for the sins of generations of [his] cursed family”. He recites the counter spell and banishes the Dweller and the N’Garai from Salem Center. Zann vanishes as well, and the book is reduced to dust.