The Adventures of the X-Men #6: Clear and Present Danger

Magneto is angered and ashamed that he had been taken advantage of by Apocalypse. He dissolves the magnetic shield between him and the X-Men. He summons the Scarlet Witch, whose powers of “probabilities” may be their only chance to salvage the situation.

In a private discussion with the Scarlet Witch as they head for the surface, Magneto explains what he knows about Apocalypse. An ancient being who has lived thousands of years, he plans to “unite” only the fittest through “open conflict”, be is homo sapiens or homo superior, under his rule. While Magneto shares Apocalypse’s vision, Magneto desires to be the ruler, and Apocalypse is in the way.

Magneto attacks Apocalypse, but Apocalypse is clearly much stronger than him. The rest of the Brotherhood, as well as the X-Men have made their way to the surface and launch a group attack on Apocalypse.

Remaining down in the control room are Jean and Gambit. Jean is straining to telepathically contact Xavier. Gambit rewires the circuitry of the damaged controls and establishes communication with Xavier. Jean and Gambit get Xavier up to speed with the current situation regarding the missiles and Apocalypse. Xavier has Gambit and Jean return to surface to help the rest of the X-Men. He then contacts Fury and buys the X-Men some time before S.H.I.E.L.D. and the US military forces strike.

The X-Men have Apocalypse under heavy fire. Just as they think they’re getting the upper hand on Apocalypse, the Russian military arrives and opens fire. Apocalypse summons his hidden spacecraft and the X-Men give chase in the Blackbird.

Elsewhere, Magneto and Scarlet Witch are trying to stop the missiles from hitting their targets. Scarlet Witch’s hex powers are dropping the disarmed missiles into the ocean. Exhaustion gets the better of her, and Magneto is left to disarm the final missile. He aims the final missile at the Nevada desert, miles from civilisation, and Apocalypse's sanctuary.