Superhero Squad #12: X-Mas with the X-Men

The original five X-Men are indoors decorating the Christmas tree while the rest of the X-Men are outside playing in the snow. Beast proposes that Rudolph is “the first--and most famous—mutant in recorded history”. The tale of a reindeer that was different and thus was ridiculed by its peers pretty much sums up their experiences growing up as a mutant.

But it is now time for the “Xavier’s Institute for Gifted Mutants Annual Winter Festival of Ice”, the highlight of which is the bobsled race on the “titanic toboggan run of terror”.

The two teams get settled in their bobsleds. Last year“s winner was Wolverine’s team which included Iceman, Rogue and Colossus. They will be competing against Cyclops’s team with Nightcrawler, Phoenix and Beast. Angel provides the colour commentary while Storm officiates the race.

The teams race competitively, pushing the race track to its breaking point. In the end, the teams wreck the ice tracks and crash into the snow. Despite the botched race, the most important thing was that everyone had fun.

Storm: “There is no greater gift that one can receive than the simple gift of spending time with those you love.”