X-Men: Evolution #3: Hearing Things

At the Xavier Institute of Gifted Students, John and Elaine Grey, parents of Jean Grey, have come to seek Xavier’s help for their daughter, who is a telepath and telekinetic. Her powers have become out of control, and Jean starts levitating everything and hearing everyone’s thoughts in the room. Her parents are uneasy about leaving their daughter in the Institute and wish she was normal. And while the instructors think of ways and means to help Jean settle in, Scott on the other hand is mesmerized with Jean’s beauty.

Scott accompanies Jean to Bayville High on her first day of classes. Jean is still having trouble controlling her telepathy and is bombarded by the thoughts of a throng of students in the hallway. Jean starts breaking down into tears. Scott gets worried and concerned for Jean but she pushes herself away from him and bolts out the door, trying to escape the voices in her head.

Jean runs into Ororo back at the Institute. Ororo advises Jean that it takes time and practice to control her powers and her powers are a wonderful gift. Ororo also tells Jean that if she thinks controlling her powers is hard, she should talk to Scott, who has an even more difficult time with controlling his powers.

Jean is having a tutoring session with the professor on her telepathy when Scott interrupts.

Jean: “A heart. A red heart...wait...the whole card is red, like a ruby...(Scott knocks on the door.)”
Xavier: “Come in.”
Scott: “Professor, excuse me, I just wanted to let you know that -- Oh hi, Jean. Sorry. Is this a bad time?”
Xavier: “Jean and I, are working on thought filtering in the hopes that she can more readily --”
Jean: “No. Not at all. I actually was hoping to get a chance to talk to you...”
Scott: “Oh? Sure! What’s up?”
Jean: “Nothing really. I just wanted to apologize for earlier today. I --”
Xavier: “Forgive me. I don’t mean to interrupt, but did you need something, Scott?”
Scott: “Oh, uh, it’s no big deal, sir -- I just wanted to let you know that Jean’s English class is supposed to go on a field trip tomorrow to see a play in the city.”
Xavier: “I see.”
Scott: “What do you think, Jean? Do you feel up to that?”
Jean: “Hm, let’s see. I’m going to try to read your thoughts, now, Scott, and you tell me if I’m right, okay?”
Scott: “Sure.”
Jean: “Mmm...you’re thinking...You’re thinking I’m a total nut case and it’s going to take way more than a couple of study sessions with the Professor before I’m ready to go anywhere.”
Scott: “Not even close.”

The next day, Scott and Jean are riding the bus into the city. They are having a conversation about control issues with their powers when Todd Tolensky decides to wreck havoc, sliming the driver and endangering the lives of all the students on the bus when he steers the bus into the path of a trailer.

Swerving out of the trailer’s path, the bus is now headed off a cliff. Scott tries to stop the bus but blasting a power line pole and having it crash onto the bus. After helping everyone out of the bus, Scott finds Todd stuck under the pole. Jean uses her telekinesis to lift the pole and safe Todd. Todd tells them he didn’t want to be saved because he hates being a mutant. Scott and Jean feel bad for Todd.

That night, Jean has a conversation with the professor regarding Todd. Xavier is pleasantly surprised that Jean has more control over her “psychic data stream” now. Scott interrupts again.

Jean: “I still need to work on it, but there’s no more random interceptions from anyone near --”
Scott: “Wow...”
Jean: “-- by...”
Scott: “Ohh! Something wrong?”
Jean: “No, nothing, I just -- thought I had something under control, but...maybe not...”
Xavier: “Jean -- it’s all right. He said it out loud this time.”
Jean: “Oh? Oh...”