X-Men: Evolution #4: Am I Blue

Kurt has just joined the Institute, along with Kitty and Rogue. Kurt is having issues with his blue demon-like appearance, which is part of his mutation. Meanwhile, Scott is having troubles playing big brother and rallying all the students for school in the morning.

During a Danger Room session, Jean is working on retrieving the target object of the training session with her telekinesis when Kurt teleports in between Jean and the beaker of strange purple liquid (which turns out to be grape juice) and snatches it. Jean is a little upset with the incident, and Scott admits to underestimating Kurt’s ability and makes a note to practice on the team’s coordination. After everyone has left the Danger Room, Scott comforts Jean.

Scott: “Hey. Are...are you okay, Jean?”
Jean: “Oh, I’m fine. I guess I just let Kurt’s observation get to me for a second. I’m okay, really.”
Scott: “Well, if it’s any help, I think he’s wrong.”
Jean: “Wrong, how?”
Scott: “I don’t think it’s a struggle for you at all. To live up to the expectations we all have of you, I mean. I think it’s comes completely naturally to you. Like the way the kids all turned to you this morning, or the way everyone wants to be close to you at school.”
Jean: “Thank you, Scott.”
Scott: “Anytime, Jean...anytime...”

Meanwhile, Kurt is still having problems with his appearance and how people will perceive his real self. Kurt speaks with the professor after yoga class the next morning, and Xavier tells Kurt that everyone at the Institute are having their own problems with coming to terms about being a mutant and controlling their powers, and everyone’s there to help each other, and that he’s not alone.

On his way to school with Kitty, Kurt encounters a bunch of bullies. Kitty tells Kurt that she’s not leaving him alone to defend himself against them. Kurt frightens the thugs away with his true appearance. Kurt is once again ashamed of his appalling appearance, but Kitty tells him that despite him being “weird”, he is “also one of the sweetest, funniest, most normal guy”, and that blue is also her “favourite colour”. Kurt is now happier knowing that he has friends to help him see through this tough period of his life.