X-Men: Evolution #5: Untouchable

In a training session, Wolverine is coaching the X-Men on CPR. Scott and Jean conveniently volunteer and take their time with the lip to lip contact.

Wolverine: “I think it’s safe to say she’s breathin’, Cyke.”
Nightcrawler: “Ooh! Ooh! Can the fuzzy man give it a try?”
Cyclops: “Uh --”
Jean: “Don’t say a word. Your thoughts are deafening.”
Shadowcat: “What’s ‘CPR’ stand for again?”
Spyke: “Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.”
Rogue: “Connivingly Perfect Redheads...”
Wolverine: “You can think of it as a heart and lungs jump-start.”
Rogue: “Yeah, and that17;s not all it jump-starts.”

Rogue expresses her obvious jealousy and dislike for Scott getting close with Jean and storms out of the Danger room.

At school, Rogue is spying on Scott and Jean again with her friend Risty. Risty tells Rogue out right that she doesn’t stand a chance getting to Scott’s heart and “he doesn’t care if [they] all die in a huge, fiery explosion, as long as Miss Jean Grey is still around.” Risty turns out to be Mystique in disguise, and she intends to make Rogue a new addition to the Brotherhood.

The next morning at Bayville High, Mystique impersonates Jean and tells Rogue in her face that Scott’s being nice to her because he pities her, and that she’ll never get a chance with Scott. This is the cue for Fred, of the Brotherhood to conveniently introduce himself to Rogue pretending to defend and console Rogue.

That afternoon Rogue engages in a Danger Room session with Cyclops. Cyclops loses his visor in mid-battle and Rogue is having trouble battling with a robot. She tells Scott to just trust her and blast. Out of desperation, Scott blasts in the direction Rogue tells him to. Scott was concerned that he had hit Rogue. Rogue misreads his intentions and thinks Scott is interested in her. Jean interrupts to tell Rogue that what she did was dangerous, but Rogue just ignores Jean and walks away.

The next day, Mystique impersonates Scott in the library and tells Rogue that “[she’ll] never hold a candle to Jean, and the idea of [she] and him ever hooking up makes [him] laugh”. Pietro of the Brotherhood is conveniently present to console Rogue and to invite her over to hang out with the Brotherhood.

That night, Rogue stows away to join the Brotherhood. But when Mystique slips up and repeats what she said when she was impersonating Scott, Rogue realises that she was played. She realises that her real friends are at the Institute.