X-Men: Evolution #6: Just Like You

After school, the X-Men complete yet another Danger Room session. A not-so-subtle flirting ensues between Cyclops and Jean.

Cyclops: “That was brilliant!”
Jean: “I was just following your orders.”
Cyclops: “Yeah, well, I couldn’t have made a suggestion like that if you weren’t telekinetically kicking butt!”
Jean: “Well, you’re no slouch yourself. No matter what starts happening, you stay completely calm and focused. It’s a very unusual and attractive quality.”
Rogue: “Oh, fer crying out loud! Get a room, already!”
Kitty: “Oh, look. Aren’t they sweet?”
Jean: (telepathically speaking to Scott) Shhh. You’re shouting again.

Spyke shows up late or rather after the Danger Room session. Xavier and Ororo confront Spyke and talk to him about punctuality and responsibility, which he needs to learn in order to be part of the X-Men. Spyke tells Xavier and Ororo that maybe he isn’t cut out to be one of the X-Men, and he prefers to hang out with a bunch of people skateboarding.

While skateboarding the next afternoon, Evan discovers one of his friends, Cal, to be a mutant with the ability to mimic his powers. Evan tells Xavier about this, but Xavier is a little suspicious as when he was using Cerebro at that time, Cerebro did not pick up any mutant signature. Nevertheless, Xavier invites Cal and his mom over to discuss about Cal’s possibility of being a mutant.

After meeting all the students in the Institute, Cal’s powers become too much for him to handle and he manifests everyone’s mutation at the same time. Xavier gives orders for Scott to evacuate the students. Scott relays the professor’s orders, but Jean runs after Xavier. Scott gets everyone out and goes after Jean. Jean puts herself in harm’s way requiring Logan to save her. Logan gets worked up and questions Scott’s ability to lead the team when “the one thing that ruffles [his] feathers become[s] a liability to the whole team”.

Scott goes up to Jean and tries to tells her that maybe getting too close to each other isn’t such a good idea. But of course it ends up being a whole lot of mumble-jumble and leaves Jean confused.

Scott: “You know, when you were...and I got all...Anyway, I -- I think we should just try to let it go.”
Jean: “Let what go? Scott, what are you talking about?”
Scott: “Just...with the whole team thing and -- I mean we’re gonna be spending a lot of time together -- we live together, even, so it’s just...it’s probably not a good idea, right? We should probably just not go there.”
Jean: “Wait. Can we back up? I’m still not sure I know what we’re discussing here...”
Scott: “I just want you to know that it isn’t because I don’t...I mean...I do. Please just know that I do. More than I’d ever be able to say. (Scott thinks to himself.) More than I ever...thought possible...”
Scott: “...So! Yeah! Well! I’m glad we had this talk, Jean, thanks!”
Jean: “Scott Summers! Don’t you make me read your mind!”

Meanwhile, Xavier uncovers the truth behind Cal’s powers. It turns out that Cal isn’t genetically a mutant. His powers were just a result of the experiments his father performed on him when he was a child. Cal and his mom get mad because his powers are being rejected by a group of mutants and promptly leave the Institute.