X-Men: Evolution #7: Beast of Burden

Hank McCoy returns to the Institute because his recent physical transformation made it impossible for him to blend in with the normal teaching staff at Bayville High. Xavier offers Wolverine’s position as Physical Education teacher to Hank.

Meanwhile, Ororo requests to speak with Xavier about “hierarchy” in the Institute. She feels that “these children will be forced into defensive action with increasing frequency” constantly taking orders from Wolverine. They need a field leader, preferably someone in their age bracket that they can look up to. Both mentors observe the baseball game on the field as they consider the position for field leader.

On the field there is quite a bit of chaos as the teams are effectively leader-less. Subsequently, the students get into a quarrel when Scott makes his presence. Considering the use of mutant powers will be inevitable, Scott suggests the game be continued in the Danger Room instead. When Scott’s team is leading, Tabitha of the new recruits decides up their advantage, short-circuiting some controls, causing the Danger Room to be in infra-red mode. But Scott still manages to hit the ball with the help of Jean.

Scott: “Uh...guys? Did we just go into code red lock-down? ’Cause I can’t really see...”
Jean: “Don’t worry, Scott. Just swing. Trust me.”
Scott: “With my life...”

Scott’s team of the seniors ultimately win the game. And Xavier and Ororo are convinced they have found their field leader.

After having a talk with Xavier about the position for field leader, Scott approaches Hank about his doubts to lead the team and living up to the expectations. Hank reassures Scott that he is a “natural-born leader” and “[his] reluctance to lead only makes [him] that much more fit for the job”.