X-Men: Evolution #8: Angel Underground

It’s soccer season and all the X-Men turn up to support Jean in a game, in which Scott gets over-excited, leaving Evan to remark on “true love” that “it must feel that way when you’re crushed out on someone!”

During the game, Jean suddenly goes into shock staring up in the sky. After that she screams and collapses onto the ground. Anxious and concerned, Scott rushes out onto the field to make sure that Jean is okay.

Back at the Institute, the X-Men gather in Xavier’s office where Jean tells him she saw an angel at the soccer game. Xavier shows her a newspaper with a front page article and a photograph and Jean exclaims that that’s the angel she saw on the field. Rogue then tells Jean that the angel is Warren Worthington III, whom she and Scott met last Christmas.

Xavier uses Cerebro to try to locate Warren to make sure he isn’t in any form of danger. But he fails to do so. He calls for Jean to try to telepathically locate him since “he managed to make a psychic connection with [her]”. The two psychics narrow Warren’s location to the sewers. Scott gets annoyed and jealous when Jean starts describing how “beautiful” Warren is.

The X-Men make their way down into the sewers. Storm is lagging behind because of her claustrophobia. Jean senses Cyclops’ aloofness and asks about what’s troubling him, and whether it has anything to do with their relationship. Cyclops cuts her off and screams into the sewers, which promptly draws out the Morlocks. When a female ‘Cyclops’ puts her hands on Cyclops, an annoyed and jealous Jean scowls at her.

Cyclops surrenders to get the Morlocks to take them to their leader, Callisto. The X-Men find Angel in the custody of the Morlocks. Callisto starts to taunt and criticize the X-Men, but when she chose to lay her hands on Jean’s hair, Cyclops immediately blasts her, warning Callisto should she “touch her again and things really will get ugly”.

Jean tells Callisto that they’re only here for Angel. When the X-Men have had enough with the name calling, them take on the Morlocks in a physical battle. Jean tries to awaken Angel telepathically.

Being defeated by the X-Men, the Morlocks are now loathing the X-Men even more, and more so for their good looks and ability to pass off for normal humans above ground. They refuse any help offered by the X-Men, and scowl in defeat as the X-Men leave with Angel in tow.

Back at the Institute, Xavier praises Scott for his “exceptional” leadership skills. Scott is meanwhile more preoccupied with Jean’s conversation with Warren. Scott is extremely annoyed when he notices Warren making his moves on Jean. Scott is upset when Jean accepts Warren’s offer to a dinner and movie date sometime.