X-Men: Evolution #9: House Party

Xavier has to leave to “investigate the mutant sighting in Oregon” and “Wolverine, Beast and Storm are on an extended training jaunt with the other students”. That means leaving the Institute in the hands of the senior students, and Scott in charge of everything. And while Xavier expects them to be faithful to their Danger Room training as well as their chores, the students have another thing on their minds.

At Bayville High, Kurt is convinced that a party should be thrown over the weekend at the mansion. The whole school is notified before Scott can even object to it.

During Danger Room practice, Cyclops and Jean are continually reprimanding Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Spyke and Rogue on the consequences of throwing a party and the dangers if they found out about the X-Men’s vigilante activities and secret equipment. But Scott finally gives in to the others’ reasonings and agrees reluctantly to the party.

Only until the Brotherhood shows up that Scott has a hunch the party will go wrong. Scott tells everyone to keep a close eye on the Brotherhood. As Scott expected, the Brotherhood goes snooping around and the X-Men try as hard as possible to keep them from entering rooms they shouldn’t be.

Todd and Lance discover the hanger but Scott and Kurt arrive promptly to drive them out. Kurt teleports them into the woods.

Meanwhile, the party goes from bad to worse. The X-men decide that it is time to stop the party. Kitty literally “kill[s] the music” by frying the stereo. Unfortunately the stereo catches fire. Kurt immediately teleports it into the lake. Jean uses the curtains, blasted down by Scott, to smother the rest of the flames.

The X-Men worked late into the night to clean up the mess before the professor returned the next morning.