Strategy X

This pilot episode of X-Men: Evolution introduces Scott Summers and Jean Grey as the first two students of the Xavier Institute.

At the football match, Scott watches on from the stands (with his friend Paul) as Jean, the photographer for the school paper of Bayville High, is preoccupied with taking pictures of Duncan Matthews for her “personal collection”. It is obvious from Scott’s expression that he is jealous of Jean’s infatuation with the school quarterback.

Apathetically flipping a coin between his fingers, Scott drops it. He then spots a thief hiding under the stands stealing people’s wallets. Scott goes to investigate and finds the thief, Todd Tolensky, being pummelled by Duncan and his gang of thugs. Scott tries to negotiate, but the thugs wouldn’t listen. Scott goes to Todd’s aid, letting Todd escape. The other thugs go after Todd, leaving Scott with Duncan. Duncan is furious that Scott interferred with him teaching Todd a “lesson” and attacks Scott.

Jean hears the commotion and find the two of them brawling. Scott is momentarily distracted by Jean calling his name, receiving a punch in the face by Duncan, which sends his into a pillar and his glasses flying. Scott unleashes an optic blast on Duncan and a cylinder of propane, setting off an explosion.

Jean is revealed to be telekinetic as she magically lifts Scott’s glasses from the ground without the use of her hands. She replaces the glasses on Scott and he finds Jean staring into his eyes as his hands grip hers. Jean tells Scott to make a run for it while the police are busy attending to Duncan.

Professor Xavier arrives on scene. With the use of his telepathic powers, he alters the memory of the people around who have witnessed the explosion, or particularly the cause of the explosion. Scott watches from a distance as Jean tends to Duncan with a grimace on his face, even as Todd comes up to him to thank Scott for helping him.

Jean fixes her hair in the bathroom, obviously taking too long a time as Scott comes banging on the door saying they’re going to be late for school if they don’t hurry. As Scott threatens to blow the door down, Jean saunters out of the bathroom. There is clear evidence of flirting, at least on Jean’s part.

As they make their way down the stairs into the foyer, Professor Xavier stalls them for a while to introduce a new student, Kurt Wagner, with the gift of teleportation. Xavier also reprimands Scott for being careless with his powers, and that he must be more careful not to expose himself as a mutant as society is not ready to accept them. Scott must learn how to better control his powers in sticky situations. Scott and Jean are awed by Kurt’s demonstration of his powers.

Principal Darkholme meets with Todd. She demands to know more about Scott Summers. As Todd has a word with Scott about them “being unlike other people”, Scott (as well as Cerebro) alerts Professor Xavier about Todd Tolensky possibly being a mutant.

Todd sneaks into the Institute grounds, and with a lot of prodding from Storm enters the Institute. He meets Kurt, and the two start a game of cat and mouse chase after much taunting from both sides. They create havoc and Kurt accidentally teleports them both into the Danger Room. Scott and Jean work together together to save Kurt and Todd from the Danger Room’s automated defence mechanism as Professor Xavier overrides the system. A traumatized Todd meets a returned Logan before fleeing the mansion.

Kurt is upset and sorry that he started all the trouble and leaves. He teleports into the hanger and comes face to face with the X-Jet. Scott entices Kurt with the offer that he’ll teach Kurt how to pilot the jet if he “sticks around long enough”, to which Kurt agreed.

The villain, Magneto, is also introduced while speaking with Principal Raven Darkholme, as known as Mystique.