Rogue Recruit

A mutant named Rogue is at a school dance. Cody, the quarterback, asks her to the dance floor. Back at her house, her guardian Destiny, a blind precog, predicts that something bad is about to happen when Rogue’s power surfaces, which is when Rogue absorbs Cody’s life force and memories when they accidentally touch.

Destiny calls Mystique to alert her about Rogue’s manifestation, and that Xavier would send his X-Men to fetch Rogue as well.

Wolverine is pitted against Storm and the Danger Room while testing the mansion’s security system. The “demonstration” was to test the system’s “weak points”.

Kitty is still having a little difficulty adjusting to life in the Institute as well as Kurt’s teleportation. Kitty decides to retire to her room when Xavier enters with a mission for the X-Men. The X-Men are to leave for Mississippi on the Blackbird to retrieve Rogue.

Cyclops and Nightcrawler get to fly the Blackbird on this mission under Xavier’s watch. Shadowcat and Jean are seated in the back, checking Cyclops out.

Shadowcat: “Scott seems so like, together. So cool and he’s kinda cute.”
Jean: “Cute? Erm...stiff maybe, exactly definitely, but hmm...y’know, from a certain angle...”

Nightcrawler, who has a crush on Shadowcat, is annoyed that she is looking at Cyclops. He tries to impress Shadowcat by teleporting outside the Blackbird. The dangerous stunt sends Nightcrawler hurtling through the air. He teleports back into the Blackbird, knocking into Shadowcat. Xavier reprimands Nightcrawler. Shadowcat just gets increasingly annoyed with Nightcrawler.

Mystique arrives in Mississippi to recruit Rogue for Magneto’s Brotherhood. With the help of Destiny, they track Rogue to Cody’s house.

Meanwhile, Xavier sends Jean into the hospital, disguised as a nurse, to probe Cody’s mind. Since Rogue had absorbed Cody, they would need Cody’s mind signature to track Rogue.

Mystique’s plan is to impersonate the X-Men to frighten Rogue and steer her away from them. She shapeshifts into Wolverine first to attack Rogue, and then Storm. Mystique drives Rogue towards Destiny, who tells Rogue that the X-Men are “mutant hunters”.

The real Wolverine, Shadowcat, and Nightcrawler are in the alley when Wolverine catches a scent. They run into Rogue and Destiny. Rogue takes off after seeing Wolverine, leaving her right glove with Destiny.

Nightcrawler suggest that he go after Rogue instead since she seemed to be startled by Wolverine. Wolverine sends Shadowcat after Nightcrawler while he reports back to Xavier. Nightcrawler tries to befriend Rogue as Kurt, until Shadowcat startles Rogue and the latter accidentally absorbs Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler is rendered unconscious and Rogue takes off again.

Rogue takes refuge in a cemetery. She learns to control Nightcrawler’s teleportation powers.

Shadowcat screams out to Xavier telepathically, asking for help. Cyclops, Jean and Storm rush ahead to catch up to Rogue while Xavier and Wolverine head off to get Shadowcat and Nightcrawler.

Jean approaches Rogue, defences down, just to talk. She offers Rogue a communicator to reach her if Rogue wants to talk. Cyclops and Storm walk over, and Rogue is startled by the sight of Storm. Rogue hides in a mausoleum, only to be confronted by Mystique disguised as Cyclops. Rogue runs out and into Storm. She reaches to grab Storm, and absorbs her powers. Rogue experiences a power surge as she is unable to control Storm’s power.

Storm lies unconscious in a puddle of rainwater. Jean throws up a telekinetic shield around her and Cyclops to protect them against Rogue’s lightning bolts. One of the bolts strikes an electrical post. Storm was in danger of electrocution by the falling post. Cyclops and Jean rescue Storm in time. Rogue suddenly teleports away.

Xavier, Wolverine, Nightcrawler (carried by Wolverine) and Shadowcat rejoin Cyclops, Jean and Storm. Xavier has lost track of Rogue. Wolverine sniffs out Mystique’s scent, determining her to be the mastermind of this entire scheme. Xavier calls it a night, stating that Rogue needs to “come of her own accord, or not at all”, in response to Shadowcat’s suggestion to chase after Rogue.

Rogue is brought to Bayville by Mystique. She enrolls Rogue in Bayville High in order to keep a close watch on Rogue. Magneto is pleased with the addition of Rogue to the Brotherhood. While Mystique is convinced that Rogue’s “residual memories” of the X-Men are gone, Rogue still has in her possession, the communicator that Jean gave her.