Mutant Crush

A new mutant, Fred “Blob” Dukes, is discovered at a Texas State Fair. Jean and Logan investigate, but unbeknownst to them, Raven Darkholme gets to him first and offers him a place in Bayville High as well as the Brotherhood.

Jean befriends Fred after catching him wanting to dump some lockers on Duncan who teased Blob about his looks, making Fred angry. Blob finds himself attracted to Jean.

Meanwhile, Scott’s drama assignment requires him to be paired up with Rogue to perform Shakespeare’s “Henry the Fifth”. Paul makes a passing statement that Rogue has a crush on Scott.

Scott, Jean, Kitty and Kurt are having lunch in the cafeteria. Fred’s chair collapses under his weight, and the momentum throws his food in the air and into Duncan’s face. Everyone starts laughing at Fred. An angered Fred starts a food fight.

Jean attempts to calm Fred down. Approaching him, Jean suddenly slips and finds himself in the path of the table Fred is swinging. Scott comes to Jean’s aid by blasting the table and helping her to her feet. Jean tells Scott she can handle the situation. A concerned Scott tells her: “[He’ll] be close if [she] needs [him]. Real close.”

Scott lingers outside the cafeteria where he meets Rogue. Principal Darkholme reprimands them for lingering in the hallway (and Rogue for “socialising” with Scott). Scott reminds Rogue of their play rehearsal as she runs off.

Jean talks to Fred about controlling his mutant powers and getting help at the Xavier Institute. Jean demonstrates her telekinesis. Fred tells her she could “really pound people with that”. Jean replies that “that’s what [they] shouldn’t do”. Fred mistook Jean’s friendliness as advances towards him and gets jealous seeing Scott being protective of Jean. In her haste, Jean leaves her backpack behind. Fred finds a photograph taken of Jean and Scott together. He tears it in half, keeping the half with Jean and stomping on the half with Scott.

Fred meets Jean after school, forcing her to go out with him. Jean refuses his offer, saying she has work and “responsibilities” to attend to. Fred drags Jean away by the wrists by force to a construction site. A panicked Jean tries to free herself from Fred’s hold, and starts assaulting Fred with bricks. The support structure collapses on them instead, knocking Jean out.

Jean wakes up, bound to a chair in a room full of candles. She reaches out to the Professor telepathically. Kurt is sent to fetch Scott while Wolverine takes off to get some leads. Kurt interrupts Scott and Rogue’s rehearsal session and relays the message that Jean’s been kidnapped. Scott throws a fit of rage. He suspects Rogue “knows” something about it and tells her that if anything bad happened to Jean, he hopes that she wouldn’t live to regret it. Rogue realises that she doesn’t stand a chance against Jean and hangs her head in despair.

Wolverine tracks them down to the construction site. While Fred leaves Jean alone in the room (engaged in a battle with Wolverine), she attempts to undo the ropes using her telekinesis. Fred takes out Wolverine and Scott easily. Jean throws a filing cabinet at Fred when he returns. He feels betrayed. Rogue, having absorbed some of Scott’s powers takes on Fred, defeating him with his own powers.

Rogue finds Scott’s visor and returns it to him. Jean thanks Rogue for helping them but when asked why she helped them, a confused Rogue runs away. Wolverine stops Jean from going after Rogue; that she isn’t “ready” yet. Kitty feels that they owe Rogue one. Scott is just glad Jean’s safe and puts him arm around her shoulders, embracing her in a hug.