Speed and Spyke

Ororo attends her nephew, Evan’s basketball match. Towards the end of the match as Evan scores the final ball and wins the game for the team, he is knocked over by an opponent. His mutation, in the form of bone grown protruding out from under his skin, presents itself. But it goes unnoticed, except for Ororo.

In the locker room, Evan is confronted by a jealous team mate, Pietro, for “hog[ging] all the glory”. Ororo comes in after to congratulate him on his win, and talk to him about his mutation. Evan claims to have it all “under control”, but a sneeze proves otherwise. Over dinner, Ororo tries to talk him into joining the Institute, but Evan isn’t keen on the idea. Professor Xavier decides to send reinforcements in the form of Scott and Jean. While in mental contact with Ororo, Xavier questioned her if she noticed anything suspicious, as he had detected another mutant signature, but she hadn’t noticed.

The next day at school, Evan finds his locker had been broken into. Pietro convinces Evan to “bait” the thief in the night. Evan falls for Pietro’s set up.

In the evening, Scott and Jean try to persuade Evan to join the Institute. Evan flatly refuses to go to “a home for freaks” and even throws an insult back at Scott, to which Jean promptly comes to Scott’s defence. While Evan’s parents apologize for their son’s rudeness, Evan is in the process of sneaking out of the house. Being a telepath, Jean senses his escape, but they are too late to stop Evan.

Back at the school, Evan discovers that the thief is Pietro. After a brief tussle, Pietro makes an extremely quick getaway just as the police arrive, making Evan a “scapegoat”. Scott offers to make Evan a deal: Professor Xavier will get Evan out of jail provided that he “gives the Institute a shot”. Evan accepts a little reluctantly.

Over breakfast the next morning, Kitty turns the conversation to Evan. Professor Xavier has plans for Evan to try and take his mind off revenge, but Logan is convinced Evan will not let go what happened last night that easily.

A week later at Bayville High, Magneto and Principal Darkholme, aka Mystique, discuss their plans to enroll Pietro into the school, and the Brotherhood.

Meanwhile, in the Institute, Evan gets a taste of Danger Room practice. Kitty interrupts the session with an urgent message for Evan, that he has to prepare for an impromptu basketball match with his former high school that night. Suspicious, Scott and Jean tag along. Sure enough, when Evan and Pietro meet, they start fighting. Pietro proves too fast for the three of them.

Spyke goes after Quicksilver, with Cyclops and Jean right behind him. Jean uses her telekinesis to try and stop Quicksilver, but it only causes the latter to spin uncontrollably into a “twister”. Working together, Cyclops blasts Quicksilver out of his momentum and into a brick wall, and instructs Spyke to pin Quicksilver to the wall. To wrap things up, Spyke presents recorded evidence of Quicksilver’s earlier confession, putting him in jail. Magneto comes to bail him out swiftly.

With Evan being cleared of all charges, the Institute’s students enjoy themselves at the pool. Evan is fitting in, but Kitty doesn’t seem to be too fond of the fact that he deflated her floating pool chair.