It is lunchtime and Scott, Jean, Kurt, Kitty and Evan are discussing the party that Duncan is throwing that night. Scott is pretty much against the idea of (everyone) going to the party, and cannot express enough how much he hates Duncan and comes up with excuses. Jean tries to talk him into having some fun, the coy look she gives him definitely translating into flirting. A frustrated Kurt gets into a little squabble with Scott “cramming his style” and ‘bamfs’ away.

Kurt teleports into an abandoned lab in the basement. Rogue trails him into the lab, finds a mysterious gadget that seemingly makes Kurt disappear into thin air.

Meanwhile in the school’s hallway, Scott feels bad about the little squabble with Kurt, and asks Jean whether he should apologise to Kurt. He feels that Kurt jokes around too much for his own good, and Jean asks him whether that’s “worth losing a friend over”. Suddenly, two kids come running towards them out of nowhere screaming about having witnessed a “blue furry demon”. They immediately make the connection that it’s Kurt. Jean does a telepathic scan but is unable to find Kurt. The Brotherhood make their entrance, and Scott thinking that they kidnapped Kurt attacks and fights Lance. Jean comforts a stunned Scott as Principal Darkholme breaks up the fight and sends Scott and Jean to her office. She discovers that her furniture has suddenly disappeared and runs off to investigate. Scott and Jean look out the window and sees Toad with some gadget that makes objects disappear.

Meanwhile, Kurt appears in a dimension of suspended animation, dubbed “Middleverse” by Forge, who Kurt meets. Forge explains that gadget was his invention and the reason why they are stuck here. And they need help from “the other side” to get out of Middleverse.

The X-Men pursue Toad and finally get their hands on the gadget. But Toad tells them that he had nothing to do with Kurt’s disappearance. Rogue appears and spills the beans on what happened to Kurt and that she was responsible for his disappearance. She takes them to the lab in the basement. Kitty and Evan inspect the gadget, and they come to a conclusion to destroy the thing.

Forge creates a machine that allows Kurt to communicate with his present time to warn the X-Men not to destroy the gadget, but to reset it, just as Scott prepares to blast the gadget. After resetting, a portal opens, but the batteries of the machine that allowed Kurt to teleport back to his present time are dead and thus he is unable to do so. But an idea stuck him to use the car that Toad had sent into Middleverse. He teleports Forge to the car.

Just then, the Brotherhood arrive to cause trouble. Toad wants revenge and the gadget that he found, back. The X-Men stall enough time for Kurt to teleport back to the present time, and saving Forge in the process.

The five of them prepare to head home. Scott and Kurt apologise to each other. All ends well and the go to the party in the end.