Evan gets a bad grade on his paper and is given an extra credit assignment: to create a video documentary about teenage life. Evan films Kitty and Rogue in the hallway. Kitty is flirting with the male lead in the school play, The Dracula Rock Opera. He encourages her to try out for a part. Rogue watches on jealously. She then catches Spyke filming them, and threatens him to never film her again. Both girls decide to audition.

Sabretooth follows Evan after school and knocks him unconscious to get his digicam. Sabretooth discovers the location of the Xavier Institute. When Evan comes to, Sabretooth is gone.

The next morning, Ororo comes to check in on her nephew, and tells him that the Institute will review his film before he submits it to make sure the X-Men are not in any of the footage. Evan continues filming throughout the day. He is flung against a wall for spying on Jean in the bathroom, and nearly gets injured chasing Wolverine and Cyclops during a training session. Wolverine erases footage of the training session, and comes across a taped message from Sabretooth.

Suddenly, they are attacked by Sabretooth. Storm strongly urges Wolverine to take his personal vendetta with Sabretooth outside of the school grounds. With the help of Storm and the X-Men, Wolverine chases Sabretooth out of the school, but loses Sabretooth in the woods. Logan talks to Xavier about the attack, and that Sabretooth has an ulterior motive behind luring him away from the school. Xavier is worried for the safety of his students.

Evan overhears the discussion and decides to take matters into his own hands. With the help of Kitty and Rogue, the three head into the woods to lure Sabretooth out. Evan is filming Kitty and Rogue dancing when Sabretooth seizes the opportunity to attack, having followed them.

Wolverine finds out about the dangerous stunt, and after taking care of Sabretooth, he grounds Evan, Kitty and Rogue. After Xavier erases Sabretooth’s memory, Sabretooth is relocated to Alaska.

Evan’s film is shown at the end of the episode. Jean is spotted sunbathing while Scott is washing his car. Scott, Jean and the rest of the X-Men gather to watch Ororo play the piano. Lastly, Scott and Jean are among those who attended the school play to watch Kitty and Rogue’s performance.